Thursday, December 6, 2007

Quick one on the run...

Thought I would post a few photos of what I have been up to in the last week... not much time at the moment today to fill you in on much else.. we have a family christmas evening at Nate's preschool this evening so I am on a time limit today for getting things done...

Keep'n' the Memories - November layout Challenge - Grandparents

Keep'n' the Memories - November Sketch Challenge

Shallenges - Challenge # 3
Non traditional xmas colours, bling, more than 5 buttons

Card Making week end with MIL .. pleased to say that we made 60 cards. 10 designs and 6 of each design.. though each of the cardswere individually "jackiefied" Mil has learnt what "BLING" is all the best thing for me was the phone call later in the week to say that she was still smiling from the weekend of cardmaking and it had broken her down spell... what more can a person want than that as satisifaction for teaching someone something new.

Shallenges - Challenge # 4
Arrows, 2 different patterned paper and 1 large black and white picture.

Explosion Box - Sample made up for class teaching at The Scrap Shed next thursay evening.

Okay better go... emails still to send and have to make up the tags for my christmas goodies for the hampers... plus make up the jar covers too...

Cheers and catch up soon... Mx

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Fiskars Product Release at Lincraft

Heidi Grace Designs - New to Lincraft is the well respected Heidi Grace Designs. Lincraft is proud to bring you two of her collections "Oh so Loved" and "Oh so Moody". These collections celebrate life, are hand drawn and filled with charm, whimsy and lots of colour. Along with themed papers, stickers and rub-ons there is also and assortment of coordinating colour ribbons, pins and embellishments.

Cloud9 Design - Cloud9 Design’s wedding themed papers and embellishments, new to Lincraft, are romantic and beautiful, worthy of those very special photographs and invitations. Gorgeous traditional and sparkle papers are enhanced with coordinating chipboards, epoxies, stickers and divine rub-ons.
Email I received today about the current paper ranges that are avaliable at Lincraft from Fiskars. Love the sparkle paper that is avaliable as you can get the bling look without having glitter everywhere.
Cheers, M x

Today's adventures...

Thought that I would show everyone what I have been up to today so far.... Have been busily making acccordion albums for a swap at Let's Scrap. I was given the theme of "BOY" and had to make eight accordion albums up to the size specified... not my usual design for my accordions, but they were fun and quick to make. I have kept them simple as I always like to able to personalise something when I get it. okay here they are ready and waiting to hit the mail box tomorrow when I take Nate to the library for craft. Must say though they picture is a little dark as was in a hurry to get it coffee cupped and added here.. will take some better pictures to add to my webshots album later today..
Okay.. better get moving.. just a quick one for the minute.. have to go and prepare cards for the weekend... Off to MIL place to teach her some xmas cards... she needs to have 50 made still for christmas and I am to get them all done this weekend with her.. will do all the precut here and have the deisgns made up... doing it in set of 6 of the same design to save time.. plus she is still a beginner and I don't want to scare her off..
Chat later.. Mxx

Monday, November 26, 2007

Starting fresh...

Okay... think that I finally have most of this blog working and sorta operational now...

Welcome to those that are reading this and have finally found me after my shift from my previous blog. I know that it has been a long winded episode.. but time has just not been on my side...

I will try and make sure that this will stay current and up to date though at this time of the year it can be fun.. I will also be regularly updating my webshots album with current pictures so stay tuned for more down the track.

Okay .. will keep this first post short as still have a gazillion things to get done today... off to post my invoices off for Fiskars and LSS work...

Catch up soon.... happy scrapping.... M x