Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Guest Design Team work for Heaven-sent

Hello there everyone....

Firstly thanks for the warm welcome to all those on-board at Heaven-sent.. I was honoured to be able to work with an a amazing team.

This is so exciting... well it is for me... I know the small things and all.... love being able to share with everyone the work I have done for this month with the wonderful goodies that Ingeborg sent me.

I was sent the following items to play with:

2 x KAISERscrapbook - Thriller Seeker - P216 Adventure
2 x KAISERscrapbook - Thriller Seeker - P217 Explore
2 x KAISERscrapbook - Thriller Seeker - P218 Prankster
2 x KAISERscrapbook - Thriller Seeker - P219 Discover
1 x KAISERscrapbook - Rhinestones - Red
1 x KAISERscrapbook - Rhinestones - Light Blue
1 x KAISERcolour - Paint - Red
1 x Basix - Red round brads
1 x Button embellishments
1 x VersaMark - Ink Pad - Baby Blue
1 x Maya Road Coffee Break Chipboard Book
1 x Core Coordinates Cardstock
1 x White Cardstock

With these items I have been able to create the following layouts and OTP item. I have added to the kit with:
embossing powder
dimensional magic

Along with creating my own titles for each layout.

Here is the Layouts and OTP item I did:

Okay... thanks for looking and thanks again for this amazing opportunity... I have done a wide variety of layouts hoping to show that you can use themed paper for any theme not just for what is is designed for... if that makes sense.

Hope everyone likes them.

Cheers Michelle

Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm Back !!!!

Hi there everyone....
I am finally back on the land of the living.... sorry that I haven't been able to keep up with everything, but has been a absolute nightmare here .. that would be the best way to describe it...

Nephew we had to look after went home yesterday.... Niece is still in hospital... not sure how much longer she will be in for.... still talk about operating again to remove some of the existing masses in her left lung that the antibiotics don't seem to be getting rid of...Have one LO and 1 OTP item left for my two guest design team positions for May to finish off today...minor stuff still to complete on them.... My house is also a little worse for wear too... We have a two storey house and to cut a long story short the builder has had to come back after 2 year complaining, to re screw the floors boards down... which has involved us emptying each room separately, storing the furniture stacked in the rumpus room upstairs, pulling up the carpet and putting 200 screws into EACH last week it was my eldest DD room... luckily she was away for a few days...Today we are getting two rooms done at once, my bubs and DS room... not a fun task I can say.... had to empty the rooms over the weekend...

Okay so enough dribble from me....

Well back to get the last stuff completed and get back on track...

Cheers M x

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fiskars BOM Challenge - Friends from my childhood.

Hi there.... boy when I decided to join in and make up a Book of Me I didn't realize how much fun it would be... I have chosen to do showcase a few of the challenge that I am doing with you all through the next week or so... though my aim is to get them all done... folder all ready to go.. just need to print off the photos and I am all set....I have also decided to do mine in 8.5"x11" landscape style for a change... I have so many of those albums from way back when I started scrapbooking laying around I thought it would make a pleasant change.

Choosing this topic was fun... It was nice to think back to the friends that I had in primary school... the mischief that I got up to and the fun that I had... I unfortunately don't have a lot of photographs from when I was little till now.. We couldn't afford to take a lot of them and now I seem to avoid the camera... NOTE TO SELF.... MUST have MORE photos of ME !!!

For this layout I raided my Heidi Grace scraps stash as my aim at the moment is to use up all those pieces that never seem to be used...I have used some of the Heidi Grace Orchard paper range and rub ons, which are available from Big W here in Adelaide still at the moment.. I love the colors they feel so mellow... I even gave the old sewing machine a good workout in the process too.

Okay ... keeping it short and sweet for this one... Hope everyone is enjoying the BOM prompts as much as I am... looking forward to seeing what others are doing..

Cheers and happy scrapping, M x

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Majorly MIA here.

Hello everyone...

Finally have 5 minutes to spare while I drink my cold cup of breakfast
Thought I had better get around to catching up on the computer side of things...
This have been crazy around here for the last 3 weeks that I have been too tired etc to even contemplate looking at the computer. So... I will fill you in on the weird and wonderful happenings around here... my life has been anything but boring I promise you....
On the scrapbooking front-
My Fiskars Crop was a huge success and has been keeping me busy with the follow ups that are happening from it... plus other stuff in the pipeline from the Fiskars front...also have a few DT things happening for the Fiskars Blog which I can finally get onto this week... fingers crossed..
I have also been working on a guest DT packs for 2 online stores... have loved doing these... 1 pack is complete and the other has as yet to be started...
I have managed to get 1 of the challenges completed for this months competitons so far.. hope to get the rest done... have them in my WIP folder so will see how I go..
My scrapbooking room make over has ben put on hold at the moment.. have finished off one of the revamped cupboards.. just need to wait till other furniture is out of here to get going again.
On the family front-
My baby girl turned 1... she seems to be growing up so fast before my eyes... she has also started walking...and I don't just mean a few steps... but everywhere... and she has just cut her two eye teeth at once.... taking the teeth total to 6 teeth...Plus she leave a trail of destruction where ever she goes.
Jhane my eldest DD has gone to her Oma and Opa's house for a few days this week at Victor Harbor... then she goes away with her friend and their family for the last weekend of the school holidays... she is really turning into a little lady.
Nate is doing well... loving preschool and hating the school holidays cause he can't go to has learnt to ride his bike without his trainer wheels and thinks that he can now ride to school... lol..
We have had a hard time family wise here too as my niece Chelsea has been very sick. They live in Mount Gambier and were flown down to Adelaide just over a week before school holidays by the Royal Flying Doctors... The long and te short of it is she has been in hospital here in Adelaide since.. She has had to endure test after test to finally have an operation on her left lung. She has apparently had pnuemonia for the last year and the doctors they have seen have been very unhelpful to say the least... she was having her drainage tubes removed yesterday and then able to get mobile hopefully. Not too sure when they will keep her in until. Poor little mite... she is only 9 years old too...
So we have had her brother Jack here with us as he is only 6 years old and is a special needs kid. It has be interesting having him and very challenging at the same time.
The other major thing that happened here was that the hard drive on my computer died... and YES... I lost EVERYTHING>>> was trying to back it all up when it died... so I am having to start everything from scratch... all my class plans... all my contacts for classes... some I don't have else where either...not happy to say the least...
But I am starting to get back on track now... finally..... Sorry about the long post but so much to catch up on and so little time still....

Hope to fill you in a bit more as I go...

Cheers M XXX

Friday, April 11, 2008

My baby turns 1 today !

Today my little baby girl turns 1.... WOW... hard to believe that she is already baby is becoming a big girl... growing up too quick...Must say that she is totally oblivious to what is actually happening exciting for us than proud of my little girl too...she has a achieved so much at such a young age.. yes I am probably very bias
Now Kiah is 1 she is able to:climb upstairs without anyone knowing...walk around the house...worked out the rocks from my pot plants have an amazing taste...leave a trail of destruction behind her...taught herself how to scream and squeal at the same time.... lovely I must out which scrapbooking paper scraps are the better quality paper to the everything without a concern with her 4 little teeth... amazing how they can chew I must say...

Happy Birthday to my little Goldilocks..

May your future be bright and sunny just like you

May you achieve all that your heart desires

Remember that we all love you dearly and you are very precious to us.
Love Mummy.

Okay enough dribble from me... I had better get some work done..still got to ice your cake for tonight.

M x