Friday, August 27, 2010

Finally can share these !

This is one of the reasons I have been very quiet lately.. I have been buried under piles of scrap booking paper and embellishments. I have been busy crafting up a storm for the Royal Adelaide Show. I didn't think that I would get them finished with all the little dramas here.

I can finally share them as the results are online after being judged yesterday at the showgrounds.

Class 1207 - Children

Class 1208 - Travel

Class 1209 - Wedding/Special Occasion

Class 1210 - Heritage/History

Class 1211 - Open Subject

Class 1212 - Journalling Only

Class 1213 - Off The Page Projects

Class 1214 - Two Handmade Cards

The photos really don't do them justice.. The weather has been very ordinary here making taking photos really hard.

Had a ball doing all the layouts and was nice to get some layouts done. I have been lucky to having had some of my layouts picked as winning in the categories and my big toot toot for the day is that overall I have been chosen as Best In show. I am not sure which layouts won as I was silly again this year and didn't note which layouts I put with which entry card. Oh well will make a nice surprises when I go in to see them during show week.

If your heading to the Royal Adelaide Show this year, head past the Scrap booking section and check them out.

TFL, M x

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spreading the Fiskars Love!

Thought I had better jump on the computer before heading off to bed for an early night.. too much burning the candle at both ends here scrapbooking!

Today was a fun filled day at Spotlight Noarlunga for me. I had brought along plenty of Fiskars punches to play with along with a cute little card for everyone to make.

After a mad dash to set up as people were waiting for me and all that. I got stuck into answering questions, sharing tips and basically getting into the workshop. I must admit I only managed to get a couple of photos taken of the set up once the first group had left.. and of one of the finished cards.. very shy people down here.. plus the fact that I didn't stop from the beginning till two hours had passed. That was such a shock. We had been working so hard that before I knew it it was already two o'clock! I don't think I have talked for that long in my whole life!

Here's the set up that I arrange when I arrived.

Thanks again for the balloons girls.. it helped everyone find us.

And here is one of the cards a lovely down here created.

Would like to say a huge thank you to two special ladies that came down to see me especially after seeing a flyer saying I would be down there. One travelled down about 45 minutes to see me from further down south. Another travelled down about half hour on the train just to see me. It was a pleasure to meet you both and I hope that you both now have more success with the tools you had been having trouble with.

Looking forward to the next time I get creating at Spotlight Noarlunga. Keep your eyes peeled for when I will be there next.

Till then, Happy Scrapping, M x

Friday, August 20, 2010

Just to keep you wondering !

Back again to give you another sneak peek at what we will be creating...

If you want to find out more... head down the Spotlight at Noarlunga on Saturday from 12 - 3pm.. I will be there with all my Fiskars goodness and tools to play with. Looking forward to showing everyone the tools and creating up a storm together!

Say "hello" and you may get yourself a little goodie or two!

Cheers, Mx

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sneek Peek from Adelaide.

Looking for something fun to do this Saturday ?? why not head down to Spotlight at Noarlunga in Adelaide between 12 - 3 and say hello. I will be their running a Craft clinic featuring plenty of Fiskars tools.

I will be crafting up a storm with plenty of tools to play with.. my trolley is overflowing with them all !

Here's a sneek peek of what we will be doing...

Will also have a few card packs to give away to some lucky people who pop by to see me!

Check back in tomorrow for another teaser !

Till then, Happy Scrapping, Michelle xx

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fiskars August Theme - Photo a Day - Week 2

Okay.. so here is what I found for my photos for this week while playing along with the Fiskars Photo a Day challenge.

Day 10 - Your Morning
The mayhem of breakfast... everyone puts their "orders" in the night before as to what they would like for breakfast... quite funny really getting a kiss and a cuddle goodnight along with a breakfast order ! I make every one's breakfast and lunch in the morning.. quite a job for a family for six.. the kitchen bench is almost not big enough.

Day 11 - Black or White
Yes.. an old photo.. but I love this photo so much.. I prefer it like this than in colour. It really shows how the kids can really be themselves up at the farm. So much fun when there is open space and fresh air. Perfect for photos too.

Day 12 - Most Fun
Sometimes I wonder if it really I seemed to have lost my mojo for a bit there.. but I have been madly scrapping up a storm here for the Royal Adelaide show.. AND I am pleased to say that I am so far happy with everything I have made. So for me at the moment I have found that scrapping is the most fun I have been having.

Day 13 - Tea or Coffee
First thing in the morning I always have a cup of tea.. though I am a coffee person through and through... I especially love my special coffee and ALWAYS have yummy coffee around.. At the moment it is Chocolate Macadamia. Mmmmm. YUM!

Day 14 - Landscape or Scenery
We are lucky enough to have a family farm. I love taking photos there.. especially of all the rusted out equipment. It reminds me just how hard it is to live off the land.

Day 15 - You
Just like the dentist ad that used to be on television. I can shouw you my am never seen or photographed away from the camera.. so this time will be no different. LOl...

Day 16 - Household Chores
Well the list of photos I could have taken could have been endless, like most people. I decided to just photograph my cleaning supplies.. They are my tried and tested to work favourites. I try and use mainly green friendly as most water is recycled onto our plants and veggie patch. We like to be able to our bit for the environment.

Day 17 - Animal
This was taken by my daughter. My kids were taken by their Oma and Opa to Monarto Zoo. Truly amazing experience for the kids to see the animals outside of cages. They were able to get up close with the safari bus. The Zoo is located about 1 hour drive from our place.

Till next weeks photo catch up.

TFL, M x

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hiding my tail between my legs....

Okay.. in the last week i have been madly working on layouts that are due before the end of the month. I have sorted out photos I wanted to use and while I was chasing down paper to use I thought I would pull out some of the kits that I have purchased along the way to try and use some of them up.

Well..... much to my horror while digging.. yes digging they were stashed away in my best paper cupboard to be used for special stuff... I am ashamed to admit I have over 30 KITS !!!! that haven't seen the light of day .. some for months and some for more than a few months...

I haven't been getting the kits for a few months now.. so I ave been good and not being buying.. but in the same breathe haven't been scrapping a lot either.. well I have been scrapping but not personal stuff.. Mainly Fiskars crop stuff and Fiskars samples.
Note to self for the next few months.. hit the kits and make a BIG dent in them. Plus get some personal scrapping done.. feeling the withdrawals happening. LOL!

TFL, M x

Fiskars August Theme - Photo a Day - Week 1

I have decided to play along with the Photo a Day happening on the Fiskars Blog this month.
Yes...I know.. being flat and all at the moment why add another thing.. because the last time I did it I had a blast.
So rather than uploading everyday .. time isn't on my side at the moment with so many deadlines.. I thought it would be a better idea to upload at the end of each week.

So here is what I have managed to photograph this week...
Day 1 - Food
Very appropriate theme for us this week as we had a family and friends catch up. We started this year have an early Christmas catch up as later in the year is an absolute nightmare. Weather wasn't too flash and we had to change the venue at the last minute but it was a fun day in the end. So much yummy food too. Such a shame that we had to have leftovers like what is in the above photo.. and it was soooo hard to eat them too. NOT !!!!

Day 2 - What are you Reading
Unfortunately being a little time poor and feeling like reading don't mix much at the moment. Plus I also felt like reading a few romance type novels... so to solve the problem I grabbed a few trashy romance novels from our local Op shop to tide me over.. I can read for a bit before heading to bed at night time.

Day 3 - In your garden
Photo kindly taken by my eldest daughter.. Yes! pleased to say she is very good with a camera. She had to take some photos of nature for school and this is what she came up with.

Day 4 - Where do you go everyday
Well.. were we go most days.. I try and walk with the kids to school most days. Gets us out of the house, we get exercise and we chat along the way. The younger two children almost leap into the pram when I ask them if they are ready to go to school. Wonder if the eagerness will continue when it is their turn to go to school.

Day 5 - Whats on your television today
Believe it or not, even with a family of four kids the television at the moment is off. Yes I know .. hard to believe. well the older kids had been playing up and were banned from the television. The peace and quiet was so nice. We don't normally watch a lot of television anyway. Well.. we have continued not having the television on most nights now as the kids have decided they prefer to play Lego together! Hard to believe and the silence with them all playing together, is golden!

Day 6 - Your Craft Space
Photo taken at night time.. and the room is hard to take a photo of due to peaked ceiling and room goes around the corner. But yes... I am lucky enough to have my own room.. It is about 7m x 5m and is our attic that you can walk into from upstairs (we have a Tudor style house). I am continuously juggle my three scrap desks around trying to find the perfect arrangement. I have lots of shelves and cupboards to store my HUGE stash... way too much stuff.

Day 7 - Portrait Photo
This is my second youngest daughter, Kiah. Otherwise known and Poppett (by Dad) and Munchkin (by Me). She is a scruffy tomboy that love to wrestle, play dolls, cook and scrapbook. She has an amazing imagination, currently she is called "Jamie" and her "other parents" do similar things to what we do... all according to her that Quite a character.

Day 8 - Sport or Exercise
This was my gift to myself late last year. I saved all my scrapbooking classes money and bought myself a Wii.. and "Yes" the kids know it as "Mum's Wii". With four kids and finances being tight at times I found the cost of going to the gym to hard to achieve. Mainly also trying to get to a gym with two littlies in tow as my husband works late, seemed pointless. Hence the purchase of the Wii and Wii Fit. I can now exercise when I have the time at no extra cost.

Day 9 - Your Diary or Calendar
My bible.. without it I am lost. I do it up on a bimonthly basis on the computer. I love lists and find that a calendar works very well with how I like to be organised. With all the kids schedules, husbands schedule, family that live a distance to visit, having a calender makes out lives just that little easier to work out free time.. or lack of it.

Okay.. off to get some work done while the littlies nap.. then back to the grind stone.. don't forget to check out the Fiskars blog to see what everyone else have been taking their photos of. Thanks again Kim for a great challenge.

Looking forward to seeing what photos we need to take for the next week.

TFL, M x