Sunday, November 22, 2009

Still hungry.. having a second serve !

Couldn't resist going back for more on the Fiskars blog this month. This "meal" challenge is so much fun and makes for very quick scrapping..that's for sure. Nice to have someone else do the hard work for you !

Okay .. so this time my "meal" was ..
12 x 12 LO
Using brown, orange and green colours
Fabric & Buttons
4 different patterned papers.
Plain cardstock is an optional extra.

Here's what I prepared to

Even managed to play around with the scalloped circle punch that is avaliable in Spotlight at the moment to make my flowers.

Off to scrap.

Cheers M x

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stamp Factory Stamping Fun

With the birthday season here upon us in the Wallace household (October we had 2 kids, 1 niece,1 brother in law, and 1 Pops birthday) it can get quite busy with wrapping presents.. not to mention the cost that is involved with all that wrapping paper too !

My daughter decided this year to delay her party until the new vampire movie "New Moon" was out so she could take her friends to the movies for her birthday. We like to make up the goodie bags ourselves and each year look for some fun way to pack them. So we have been busy today making up little goodie boxes for the girls to take home with them when the leave after the sleep over. I had some cute little noodle boxes you can get really cheap from the $2 shop that were crying to be played with. Pulling out some bright Heidi Grace paper,bling and ribbon we set to work. Though the boxes weren't quite complete until we decided to play around with some stamps. Now normally I am not real keen on my kids using my stamps... mainly due to the fact you find ink in places that it really SHOULDN'T be afterwards! Though since having the Fiskars Stamp factory the kids are freely able to use the stamps. No messy ink everywhere and a clean stamp print every time ! I love that. Now I don't have to help them with the stamping.. they can do it all by themselves. I have even taught my daughter how to line it up using the Fiskars Craft mat so that she get the image in the same spot every time! Plus with having to do up large quantities of goodie boxes using the stamp factory saved so much time with being able to stamp multiples very quickly.
Here's our end results:

Off to ice the cake... mmmmm wonder how I couldn't use the stamp factory for that ??? lol.. perhaps to stamp little scalloped tags for each of the candles...

TFL, Michelle :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A hot day but nice and cool for the crop here....

Here's the goodies that we created last weekend at the Fiskars crop we had here in Adelaide....

Mini Pyramid box.. perfect as an advent calendar box on the christmas tree

Peek a boo box.. great for giving those homemade choccies away in

Gift card holders.. for the gift that needs a bit of dress up

Christmas crackers.. my kids have decided to make these for their class mates gifts this year.. so easy and quick !

Note card basket and notecards.. perfect as a little gift for the teacher!

Was a great way to round off an exciting year here in Adelaide. Everyone was able to see a few of the new templates that are coming into Spotlight in the new year and play with a couple of really yummy punches. Lots of laughs were had by all and we all managed to stay nice and cool inside with some yummy Pavlova I had prepared especially for the occasion. Thanks again to everyone that attended and looking forward to seeing you all in the new year when we start up with the crops again.

Cheers, M x

November Fiskars Monthly Blog Challenge - Are you hungry?

Check out what's happening on the Fiskars Blog this month ....

This challenge is a bit different, something Lianne has done online before and had a lot of fun with and hope you all enjoy it too. Sometimes it's nice to just have someone tell you what to do and you don't even have to think about it.

Pick one item from each course listed below
Email Lianne your choices
Lianne will email you back your meal or the requirements of your LO

Lianne do a draw for the winner and if you have used Fiskars products and explained how, you get an extra entry into the draw. The deadline is Monday 30th November.
Leave a link in the comments to your LO on your blog or in a gallery.


Garlic Bread
Corn Fritters
Potato Wedges
Vege Sticks & Guacamole

Garlic Steak
Butter Chicken
Baked Lemon Fish
Sweet n Sour Pork

Roasted Stuffed Capsicum
Steamed Broccoli & Carrots
Cauliflower Cheese
Tossed Salad
Baked Potatoes

Ice Cream Sundae
Banana Fritter
Chocolate Mousse
Apple Crumble

Okay.... so I have put my "order" in and got my "meal" back to create with... Here's what I had to "eat":

6 x 12 LO
Using green, blue & yellow colours
Cardboard & paint
3 different patterned papers
Plain cardstock is an optional extra

and here is my finished "meal"

Why not head over to the blog to check out some more exciting "meals" that are on offer.

TFL, M x

Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally a catch up post !!!

Okay... I know that I have been a very naughty blogger but it seems that life has gone so fast in the past month or two...need a holiday just to recover from what we have been up to in this crazy house.

Okay so to start this amazing long post.. I am now warning you that this will be a long post.. remember that at the

To recap.. The end of September and start of October saw us camping in Stansbury for the school holidays. The weather was kind to us and I managed to stay sane for the whole time I had the kids on my own (was there for a week with 4 kids flying solo while Troy went back to Adelaide to work). Learnt a few things in the second week about taking other children with you. Some good things and some bad. All round though a very successful holiday.. we even booked in at the caravan park for same time next year while we were down there.

Okay a update on the family front...
Jhane and Nate both had their birthdays in October.. was glad when it was all over and done with. Jhane still has to have her birthday party next weekend though. We put it off until then as she wants to go and see New Moon with her friends for her birthday. Tickets have all been booked and ready to go for next Saturday afternoon. Then back here for Tacos and Naughty Chocolate Cake ! Still hard to believe that she is twelve ... where has all those years gone... Not looking forward to the teenage years ahead... talk about moody !

Nate is Nate.. lol.. thinks that he can play with the big boys all the time, covered in bumps and bruises just before school photos (hello photoshop!), and generally a real boy. Getting good at kicking a football... even though we have to retrieve it from the passion fruit vine or next door neighbours shed often. He is now 6 going on
Kiah is a lolly gobbling devil ! Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and sweet and innocent little bossy one .. just don't seem to be the right words. She is a gem when it is just us at home but she has worked Troy, Jhane and Nate out. She each one of them wrapped around her little finger and they annoy her just as much. For me she is a really good kid. We scrapbook together upstairs. she is really starting to get into this whole lots of stickers, glue and cutting
Tarryn is the baby you just don't know you have. Little mischief and cheeky on the side too. She has 1 tooth now on the bottom and we didn't even know she was cutting it. She is also standing up on things and just started to move along furniture. She also has the commando crawl down pat. She eats like a horse... very different to Kiah who lives on air some days. she has just started with the whole tilt your head on the side and look coy/cute quite cheeky !

When we came back from holidays I started on a new Design team at Scrap of Difference. They are some great people on the forum and looking forward to getting to know everyone. I also got very sick.. firstly with a viral flu that left me with migraines, rash and generally very flat for two weeks... just got over that and kindly Nate brought home a lovely cough.. which of course I picked up... two weeks later I am FINALLY getting over that. Was fun talking at the fair with my croaky voice and sniffles!

Apart from the whole family thing I have been busy with the last few crops for the year... kits seem to be my life at the moment..this was what we made at the last crop at Mandy's house on the 31st of October...

So... if you have gotten this far.. CONGRATULATIONS !!! I am now finally up to date with everything. Crop here tomorrow despite the heat.. nice and cool here with the air conditioner so we will be fine. One more crop for the year left in two weeks time at Ethelston.. then we start again in the new year. Already working out the projects for the crops and dates have all been confirmed. if you want to know more about me crops shoot me an email. they do book out fast so you need to be quick.

Okay better go as almost lunch time here and the tribe will start to chase me if it's not ready.

TFR, M x

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sneek Peeks for this weekend crop...

Just to tease you all ... this is what we will be making this weekend here for our Last Minute Xmas Ideas Crop for Fiskars.....

Check back over the weekend to see what we got up to... plenty of Christmas Cheer I am sure !

Cheers M x

November DT work for Scrap of Difference

The month of November sees me starting a new design team position at Scrap of Difference. I am working with some lovely ladies using some amazing products that Jo has been able to source. This month Jo has decided to use what i have created from the kit I was sent as a new competition on the forum.

Here's the details:

Our new competition starting November is a DT scraplift. To enter you simply purchase the starring DT member's kit from the shop. The kit comes complete with instructions on how they created ALL of the layouts they created from the kit and the majority of the materials required to do so.

What do you do - scraplift the artist and add your own flair and finishing touches. Upload your entry to the gallery.

The winner will be awarded one of the following month's DT kits as their prize.

For November we are using Michelle's beautiful work and DT kit, the layouts she has produced are below.

Phew - all that out of one kit!!! To enter the competition you only need to choose one of the layouts to scraplift and be in it. If you choose to do all of them, each layout is counted individually for voting purposes.

Loved this kit totally.. so many yummy products to play with that's for sure... even have a little leftover from this kit to make up a few cards too.

Why no head over to the shop and check out the kit for yourself. Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for this competition.

Cheers M x

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Checking in from the Adelaide Craft Fair

Just a quick check in to say that I am still alive.. all be it loosing my voice a little and battling a cough.. but all round having an absolute BLAST.. being out in the thick of it at the Adelaide Craft Fair here these past few days. I will fill you all in a bit more later, as my dear family is crying out for some TLC after being put on the back burner for the past few days. So I will leave you today with some photos of the stall and what not of the fair... still have to race around with the camera and take some more photos tomorrow hopefully. Been fairly busy which makes it hard to run around with the camera.. Not that it has been bad being busy. So loving being able to share a few tips and tricks about the tools with everyone. Have also had the chance to work with two very amazing people, Trea and Rod. Has been nice to be able to put faces to names finally.
Okay.. will leave you with a few photos and fill you in on our adventures tomorrow night. If your coming down to the fair or considering coming down you had better make it early as products and tools have been flying out the door that what is left is extremely limited. There is still some amazing bargain left though that will keep any scrapbooker/cardmaker happy for sure ! Lots of people have been shocked with the great prices !

Till tomorrow... off to relax before the final day. Hope to see you there tomorrow !

M x

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So excited !!!

Can you guess what I am doing......

I have been madly packing my scrap trolley with tools and goodies...

I am so excited that even my slight cold isn't going to keep me down. I am off to the Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair here in South Australia tomorrow. I will be there at the Fiskars Craft Studio with bells on for sure ! I can't wait to meet Trea and Rod.. will be nice to put a face to the names. I had so much fun at the Fiskars garage sale we had here in Adelaide earlier this year that I know this time round it will be an even bigger buzz. I love nothing move than sharing ideas and promoting amazing tools and products. Fiskars certainly have those for sure! Can't wait to meet some of the ladies that have promised to come down and see me all the way from the Barossa (they live about 1 1/2 hrs away from town and any LSS. Also looking forward to seeing a few friendly faces of those who know me that have promised to come down and see what Fiskars have at the Craft Studio. Most of all I am looking forward to sharing the Fiskars love and showing anyone how to use the tools.

If your looking for some great tools and amazing products, don't forget to pop down and see us at the Fiskars Craft Studio tomorrow or over the next few days. Come and see me and say "hello"... SHHHH!!! surprise for you...may have a goodie or two to give away if you come and get your picture taken with us... better get down to see us to get some though !

Check in over the next few days to see what I get up to at the fair.

Cheers M x

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fiskars coming to Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair ~Nov 5-8th

Hi everyone,

Just letting you know that Fiskars Craft shall be coming to the Adelaide Craft and Quilt shall be able to pick up a few great bargains at this Show.....just in time for Christmas!

I shall be working the 4 days of this Show along with Trea and why not pop in and see the guys....ask any questions you may have about the Fiskars Tools......try a tool or two....and grab a bargain whilst you are there.

Check out the retailers at this Show for further Fiskars product......I know that Cathy Crafts and Scissorman love to stock Fiskars product......I'm sure there shall be other retailers there selling Fiskars Tools make sure you check them all out!

The Adelaide Craft & Quilt Fair
Entry includes: the Adelaide Bead Fair and the 2009 SA Festival of Quilts

Thursday to Sunday
November 5 - 8, 2009
Open 10am to 5pm daily

Goyder Pavilion, Adelaide Event & Exhibition Centre
Adelaide Showground
Goodwood Road

Hope to see you there !

M x

Monday, September 28, 2009

Recycle.. Reuse.. Repurpose.. Challenge Reminder

Don't forget what happening on the Fiskars ANZ blog this month. Here's a recap for you.


The challenges are:

** Create a Layout using recycled items.. for example. cereal boxes, pizza boxes, bread tags, clothing labels, ribbon from clothing ... the list is endless

** Create a card using junk mail and punched on a card stock base ONLY !!! (you can add bling, ribbon, paint and ink though).

** Create an OTP item using recycled/re purposed items... for example that beer keg I mentioned earlier is destined as a gift holder of some really much needed munchies at Christmas time.. but badly needs a make over !

So as you can see the possibilities are endless. Why not give 1 or more of the challenges a go. You have until the 30TH OF SEPTEMBER to get your challenge entries in and as always there will be an amazing Fiskars gift for the winner...If you have any questions feel free to ask away. I am here to help if you need it.

SHHH !!!!! Don't tell anyone though.... there may also be another little prize too along the way to those that participate the most.. I will have a few Fiskars crop kits to give away throughout the month... so don't forget to leave comments when I post about recycling..

Don't forget too that the rest of our lovely Ambassadors will be sharing with some of their amazing work too following in this theme. Just can't wait to see it all. It is sure going to be another fun filled month here on the Fiskars ANZ blog !

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with... I know I will have fun cleaning up for this one !

Cheers M x

Recycle.. Reuse.. Re purpose Challenge - Ideas Part 9

Here's the last list of ideas for things that you can find around the house and ways of using them for scrapbooking.

So here's Ideas Part 9:

1. Cups and Plates - Make great templates for circle shape that you may need. Lay them on your paper or cardstock, trace around it and away you go...You can also use the base of your cups for creating a cup spill stain on a LO or card for a distressed look add some ink/paint to bottom of cup and smear onto where you want the smear stamp.

2. Ice cream Sticks - Dip these into paint and then "stamp" onto cardstock to make your own journalling lines or borders.

3. Old Toothbrushes - Not only great for cleaning your Fiskars Clear stamps, but also are great for adding spatters of ink or paint to layouts/cards.

4. Plastic Milk Bottle Lids - make great little mini paint, water or glue pots. I especially use them when I am working with stamps and water colour pencils and just need a tiny bit of water. they are nice and flat and don't know over easily.

5. Plastic Fruit bag Mesh - makes a great stencil for when you are using glimmermist. Lay mesh on your layouts and spray away. Allow to dry then remove mesh.

Hope that you all got a few new ideas of what to with all those unwanted things around your house.

Don't forget to check out the blog for a few things the Ambassadors have left to show you this month.

TFL... M x

Friday, September 25, 2009

Recycle.. Reuse.. Re purpose Challenge - Ideas Part 8

Here's the today's list of ideas for things that you can find around the house and ways of using them for scrapbooking.

So here's Ideas Part 8:

1. Bread Bag Tags - Make great embellishments on pages. Attach patterned paper to the flat side to make up your own tags, layer them to great flowers.. the list for these is endless.

2. Playing Cards - Don't throw away those incomplete decks. Use them as embellishments on layouts/cards or even as a base for a mini album.. just add a ring and your down.

3. Puzzle Pieces - Add some patterned paper and you have little embellishments for your scrapbooking.

4. Pizza Boxes - The lids are just the right size to become the base of a layout instead of cardstock. Distress it and paint it for a real grungy feel. Plus these make great storage solution for storing Layouts if you don't have an album on hand.

5. Fabric Labels from clothing - Add these as tags/embellishments to layouts for that little bit of dimension. Or if it is a logo on a shirt (old one) your could also cut it out and use it too.

Check back in a few days for the last list of fun things to recycle from around your house.

Don't forget to check out the blog for a few things the Ambassadors have left to show you this month.

TFL... M x

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recycle.. Reuse.. Re purpose Challenge - Ideas Part 7

Here's the latest list of ideas for things that you can find around the house and ways of using them for scrapbooking.

So here's Ideas Part 7:

1. Old Jewellery - Sometimes that lost earring can come in handy. Can make a great embellishment or if it has some bling in it you could use it to jazz up your layout. Hanging earrings are great for OTP items too when you want something to hang.

2. Lace - Dig out your old lace scraps and use them as templates to mask a pattern onto your layout with ink.. or even add it for that something extra to a layout or card.

3. Buttons - Especially those you get when you purchase a new item.. I always keep them because you never know when you paper flower may need a centre or you want to jazz up a page with a button or two.

4. Plastic Stamp packaging sheets - I use both sides of the packaging from stamps as I store my tamps in cd cases. But I can't throw away the sheets the stamps came on. the side that has the design printed onto it makes great overlays like acetate and the other side if perfect for stamping onto also.

5. Paper coffee/tea cup holders - makes for an interesting layout. Why not theme your layouts around them or cup out things from the logo for an embellishment.

Still digging through my list of things to recycle around my house. How about you ?

Don't forget to check out the blog for a few things the Ambassadors have left to show you this month.

TFL... M x

Monday, September 21, 2009

Recycle... Reuse... Repurpose... - Layout Share 5

Tissues...Definitely not something I would like to recycle.. but re purpose.. that's fine with me. LOL.
So for this layout I decided to pull out my Fiskars circle template and trace some circles on tissues. I then create these tissue flowers with the circles by tracing many of them,stapling them together, scrunching and adding kindy glitz.

Close up of flowers

They were so much fun to make that I will definitely do them again for sure.

Why not give it go yourself and make your own embellishments from recycled items.

Don't forget to check out the Fiskars Blog to see what everyone else is doing.

TFL, M x

A bit of cuteness for the day ..

Just because photos....these are the two little cute faces that I get to see everyday while the older two are at school..

Kiah.. my bundle of mischief

Tarryn.. my very serious one

We all have our good days and bad together.. but I love them no matter what.

Cheers, M x

Busily Creating...

Just a quick share of a few things I have been busily creating away when I have had a few quiet moments here..

LO done using sketch from 52 sketches... 52 weeks

LO scrap lifted from a LO by Two Peas Designer Jennifer Gallacher

TFL.. M x