Monday, July 26, 2010

Buried under a pile of purple....

Believe it or not... this is what 90 wedding invites looks like..Not much really when you see it like

I have been buried under a mountain of purple paper, purple gemstones and purple ribbon for the last few weeks. I was asked to make up wedding invitations for a friends niece. So after much debating about colours styles and what not the bride to be left with a few ideas and a promise of samples in the mail to her within the week. so I got straight to work to work out costing and what not for her and sent it out to her with the following four samples.

I wont share with you the final design that was chosen or it will wreck the surprise to the people who have been lucky to be invited.. all I will say is that is is a combination of a few of the elements and it looks very smart.

I have almost finished them.. just need to complete the insert and they will be posted off to the bride to be on Wednesday. It has kept me very busy. Have had a production line happening here and my scrap room is yet to recover for all the work involved. They were all stamped, heat embossed, punched, ribboned, ink and gem stoned with tweezers... proving for many hours work.. HUGE MWAHxxx to my eldest daughter for her help.

Okay.. back to the grind stone to get them done.

TFL, M xxx

Wedding Gift and Card for a dear Friend.

So.. I can finally spill the beans and talk about it now they are finally happily married... my golly gosh it is hard to keep a big secret like this. Recently a very dear friend of mine got married in a very private wedding. We were very privileged to be able to share the special day with the lovely couple and their two super gorgeous children. We felt very honoured to be asked to attend and it was a very special day. I was even more honoured to have been asked to stand up as a witness for my dear friend on her big day.
So here is the couple on the big day having photos after the ceremony with their children. The weather was kind to them luckily and held off raining until all the photos were taken.

Okay.. so along with a more traditional wedding gift I really wanted to make something personal for them both..It is a long story behind the reason behind the jar fillings but basically they both like MM's.. one likes the peanuts and the other normal MM's. Hence the mixing of the two. Plus the fact when their daughter was born it was when Janet sent out as favours with her name on them.

The other reason behind the reason I scrap booked a present is because that is how I met my dear friend... well about four kids between us, many a craft market, plenty of shared crafting time, moving to another state and back and almost five years later, we are still good friends.

So here is what I managed to made for the happy couple. The colours used reflected the colours of the day too..

Congrats again guys !

TFL, M x

It's a wrap...

Okay.. as promised (waving madly to ladies who attended !!!).. I promised to add the photos to my blog about the crop that I held here this weekend just gone. Has been a busy weekend.. that's for sure.

Saturday started off rather chilly though I had the room all nice and toasty ready for the crop. I was so happy to see everyone as it seemed like the last one had been years ago..

We started the day off with the Off The Page item and made some Christmas trees.. think I drove the ladies a little insane gluing on almost 90 3" x 1/2" strips of paper! But the end result was quite satisfying I think.

Here's a sample of tree we made.

We had glitter, glue pins and beads all over the place when we were finished ! But that was the fun of it.. being able to make a mess and get creative.

After many choc chip banana cupcakes with scrummy chocolate icing and a yummy hot lunch everyone had brought to share we started on the cards for the day. We continued with our Christmas theme and made Christmas cards. I think we have all worked out which cards we will be making for Christmas this year too.. some of them are even great for the kids to make too.

Here's the cards.

So after lots of glitter, embossing powder, inking and general chatter the day ended well. We shared ideas and chatted about Fiskars tools. Got some great feedback and advertised when I will be at Spotlight next for an in store demo.

Looking forward to the next crop ladies and hope that you all got home safely.

Till next time. Thanks again. M x

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Because Photos..

Gotta love the photos you find when you dump them off your kids cameras.. lol.. Jhane seem to be loving mucking around with her camera heaps lately and as you can see Miss Tarryn wanted to be part of the fun... love these sort of shots that the kids take. They make me smile when I see them.

This photo was taken at a friends wedding recently of Miss Tarryn.. or Miss Trouble.. as she is now affectionately know by me as...Butter certainly wouldn't melt in her little bower bird loves to collect EVERYTHING and hide it never to be seen again... After a two and a half hour search I finally found the camera cable, 1GB memory card, brand new spare camera battery, fabric swatches for blinds, toy drumstick, lens for the camera, and lens cover, all stashed in bag hidden in the kitchen. This was what she managed to stash in a five minute period with only having access to two rooms in the house!

Like I said.. TROUBLE !!! but I love her anyway !

TFL, M x

Sharing some Layouts.

The first few layouts have been sitting around for ages... did the wrong thing and precut and then filed them to do when I had time... well never seemed to happen and when I finally got around to them I had lost my mojo and also train of design though with them. I managed to finally get them finished despite all this and am happy with them even though they weren't as they were suppose to be originally.

This last Layout used my daughter, Kiah's, pj's as the idea.. Yes i know kinda strange.. but she has these really cute birds on some pj's that i thought had to be used on a layout.. Have used it on a couple of layouts now and can see them being used again. Got the old paper piecing happening again.. plus a great way to use up the never ending scraps.

I know the photos are a little dark.. apologies.. but with the way the weather has been here lately it has been a nightmare to photograph anything.. so gloomy and rainy.

Back to the grind stone...


Projects from last Crop

Yes.. very very late.. I know.. but better late than never..
Here's the two layouts that we did at the last crop at Ethelson. Not too sure if I have shared.. can't seem to find them .. but if I have.. then here they are again.

TFL, M x

Reminder about Crop Dates for 2010 !!

Just a quick post to remind everyone about the crops held in Sheidow Park and Ethelston ..

**We will be doing a combination of Layouts, Off the Page and Cards this year due to survey results/requests.**

Be aware that we do have two locations and when booking please let me know dates, and locations you wish to attend.

Please also be aware that the projects that we make at one location are not the same at the other. Each crop day is different and includes kits with everything needed to complete either 2 Layouts or Off the page item and 5 cards.

Places are limited and book out fast out, so you will need to book early to avoid disappointment.

The details are:



September 18th - Birthday

November 6th - Last Minute Xmas Ideas

Time: 10 till 4 pm



August 28th - Birthday

October 30th - Last Minute Xmas Ideas.

Time: 10 till 4 pm

Cake, Biscuits, Tea, Coffee and Cool Drinks available all day.

We are now also doing a shared lunch where everyone brings a small plate of food to share for lunch.

Reminders and emails showing what we are making will be sent out with full list of tools you need to bring 2 week before the crop.

Look forward to seeing you there...

Wallace Paper Art Designs

If you want to know more email me at or call 0414 271083

Majorly MIA !!!

Okay.. apologies in order I know... It hasn't been for the lack of trying.. juts blogging hasn't been high on the priority list at the moment.

Add to the fact that I had no desire to blog due to some lovely people.. thinking my blog was for designed so they could get an insight into my family life...Yes.. I do occasionally put snippets here about the family for close friends and family.. but that doesnt mean I enjoy being stalked by certain people and then using it to try and blackmail me.. You know who you are.. enough said !

Okay.. onto a lighter note as you can probably see the new and improved look of the blog.. (well I think so anyway) is happening as we speak. I will be uploading the little bit of scrapping I have managed to do in the last few months.. (not as much as I would have liked to have done mind you ! Damn life just gets in the way all the time ! lol..)..

Just a reminder to everyone that we have the Xmas in July crop on this weekend... get your toolboxes ready.. it feels like ages since the last one! I can't wait to see everyone and get a chance to chat scrapping!

Take care and keep smiling! Mx