Friday, November 29, 2013

Mad About Scrappin - Layout of the Week - Week 24

Back again to share with you the last layout for this month I have created for Mad About Scrappin.
I have used up the last of my Teresa Collins - Memorabilia stash to create this layout to share with you this week.
 I have played around with using a piece of the Memorabilia paper range as the main background for my layout this week. I am not usually one to use a whole sheet of double sided patterned paper as the base of my layout. However this week I decided that I would do so as I had saved this background paper whole to use for a base when I first saw it. It was just too nice to cut up. So this week I decided to go with a school theme for my layout as I feel this paper range works really well with that theme.

To continue with the school theme I have randomly stamped the base patterned paper with a Kaisercraft numerical clear stamp. I used my hand to stamp rather that a stamp block because I didn't want the whole  pattern. I just wanted to give the base paper a more textured feel. I then used my trusted favourite washi tapes to give the paper a bit of a border to break it up a little.
 By layering the die cuts that match the Memorabilia paper range with some washi tape and masking tape I have been able to create my own matching embellishments. I love that the die cuts are double sided and that you are able to chose if you want to use the coloured or black and white side. Makes the die cuts quite versatile.
Now.. as I had said above I have used some making tape on this layout as part of my embellishments. Well.. it order to tie it all in I have used the Kaisercraft numerical stamp again to alter the masking tape. The masking tape on its own just didn't fit I felt. Plus the added bonus is that the masking tape adds to the school feel.
Have you used something on your layout that was a little different ?
Why not play around and see what you come up with.
Till next week.
TFL, M x

Friday, November 22, 2013

Mad About Scrappin - Layout of the Week - Week 23

Hello all.
Back this week to share with you a quick layout I have created using the Memorabilia paper range by Teresa Collins available at Mad About Scrappin.
Still love the versatility of this paper range. Love how it can be used for any subject matter.
And I must say that I quite love the colours in this paper range too.
So here's the layout that I have created this week.
This time around I have used a piece of smooth black card stock that I have had laying around in my stash for a while. I usually use this type of card stock mainly for matting my photos. However this time around I have found it has worked well for what I wanted to do with the base on my card stock. By also adding a border of some matching washi tape I have been able to create a different feel to finish off the edges of the layout without any huge effort involved.

 For my base design on the black card stock I have used a stencil by WOW I purchased from a Mad About Scrappin Flog it Friday sale. Rather than using it with mists of texture paste however I have used it with and ink pad. To be able to get the ink onto the card stock I have used a disposable cotton makeup pad to rub ink onto the card stock over the stencil. I was able to control the amount I was putting on the card stock quite easily this way. I was also able to fade it in and out of the stencil as I desired. Then lastly to add a little more dimension I have then stamped the stencil using a script stamp randomly. I am quite happy with this effect.

I love being able to layer things I want on the layout too. for this layout I have used a really yummy envelope by Bo Bunny available to Mad About Scrappin. Then I have stamped a piece of the lighter Memorabilia paper with the same script stamp I used on the base card stock. This helped to tie it all together as I found the paper was a little too pale for this layout without it. I even managed to squeeze a piece of felt border punched floral ribbon into this layout that I have had laying around in my to use up stash for ages.
Why not play around with your stash too. I love being able to use old products up with new items I have purchased.
Till next week.
TFL, M x

Friday, November 8, 2013

Mad About Scrappin - Layout of the Week - Week 22

Hello all.
Back again to share with you another fun layout I have created this week on behalf of
Mad About Scrappin.
Once again I have been playing with the Teresa Collins - Memorabilia paper range.
I love the colour scheme of this paper range and it is just so versatile too.
So here's this weeks layout for you.
 Yes.. I know another super quick and easy layout.
I even managed to start some Christmas photo scrapping from a few years ago when Tarryn was only very little. The colours in the photo worked really well with the papers and the splash of red in the photo I felt added a little bit of a feature to the layout.
Super easy too to add that little bit extra to a layout using some of the coordinated tags and some natural coloured twine. Keeps it nice and clean. I haven't added a title to this page as such. Preferring to use the words on the tags to tell my story so to speak. Didn't really think that the layout needed a title with those there already.
By using some paper scraps to create some buntings I have been able to use up some of the little pieces I had laying around and they have made a quick and easy way to embellish the page.
Sometimes it is just about keeping it simple, not using too many embellishments and making the paper do all the work on the layout.
Especially when you have such great paper like this one.
Well back to the scrapping grind stone while my mojo is working overtime.
Till next week.
TFL, M x

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Challenging the sketch!

Welcome to another Mad About Scrappin monthly challenge
using a sketch by the amazing
Anne Patterson.
I love using sketches sometimes when I seem to be stuck in a rut when scrapping. they give me a point to start from and I can usually go from there.
Using this sketch was no exception. I loved being able to us little bits and pieces of paper from the Teresa Collins - Memorabilia paper range. I love the colours and just happened to have some perfect photos for the papers too.
However.. I did start with the sketch the way it was suppose to be.. believe me I did.. Then I kind went off on my own little track. I wanted to personalise the sketch a little to what I wanted to I played around with placement of the pieces of patterned paper to showcase the stamps I had used on the base of the cardstock.

Remember too that the embellishment clusters can be anything you like. Just because it shows stars on the sketch doesn't mean that it has to be stars. It just gives you an idea for placement. I have clustered together some flowers over a cute little manila envelope I inked and stamped to add a little bit of feature to the layout. I love the binding as a crinkled ribbon bow too. I adds that little bit of extra to the floral cluster.

Remember to that the patterned paper doesn't have to stay the way it is. I tied the stamps I used on the base cardstock together with the patterned paper by stamping onto one of the patterned papers prior to cutting my squares. I like the look of not quite having the whole butterfly on the square along with the boldness of the dark stamp on the lighter paper.
Why not have a play around with this sketch yourself and see where it takes you.
Try playing around with it a little to suit what you want.
Remember its all about having fun !
TFL, M x

Friday, November 1, 2013

Mad About Scrappin - Layout of the Week - Week 21

Good morning everyone.
So starts another month. I cannot believe that it is already November !!! Where has this year gone ???
Okay.. So I am back to share with you this week a layout I have created for Mad About Scrappin.
I have been lucky too to be able to show you a new paper range this month too. This month I am playing around with Teresa Collin's - Memorabilia. I must say that it has been heaps of fun to play with.
So here's the first layout for the month using this yummy paper range.
  Have kept it simple with the colours on this layout and have just used the white and black patterned papers primarily. I have then add a small dash of colour with adding in the tan coloured print. I wanted the paper range to work with the sepia photo that I already had printed of my son and found that this worked really well.
 To mix it up a little I have added a few stamps by Kaisercraft directly onto my base card stock. I have stamped them using a metallic ink which has provided just a little bit of shimmer to the card stock I have used. The card stock is a flat Matt finish so I felt it needed a little something.

By using a few paper doilies and some old metallic embellishments from my stash I have been able to add some simple embellishments to the layout without them being too over powering. The metal embellishments have just a hint of blue in them and the same tan of the patterned paper so they tied in nicely. Added just a small amount of colour to keep the masculine feel. Plus once again I added in a dash of some washi tape to tie it all together.
I have had so much fun playing around with this paper range that I have already started working on the remaining layouts for the month.
Off to chase the kids off to school.
Have a great day.
TFL, M x