Thursday, December 6, 2007

Quick one on the run...

Thought I would post a few photos of what I have been up to in the last week... not much time at the moment today to fill you in on much else.. we have a family christmas evening at Nate's preschool this evening so I am on a time limit today for getting things done...

Keep'n' the Memories - November layout Challenge - Grandparents

Keep'n' the Memories - November Sketch Challenge

Shallenges - Challenge # 3
Non traditional xmas colours, bling, more than 5 buttons

Card Making week end with MIL .. pleased to say that we made 60 cards. 10 designs and 6 of each design.. though each of the cardswere individually "jackiefied" Mil has learnt what "BLING" is all the best thing for me was the phone call later in the week to say that she was still smiling from the weekend of cardmaking and it had broken her down spell... what more can a person want than that as satisifaction for teaching someone something new.

Shallenges - Challenge # 4
Arrows, 2 different patterned paper and 1 large black and white picture.

Explosion Box - Sample made up for class teaching at The Scrap Shed next thursay evening.

Okay better go... emails still to send and have to make up the tags for my christmas goodies for the hampers... plus make up the jar covers too...

Cheers and catch up soon... Mx