Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sneak Peek....

Just a quick post before I run off to collect Nate from his first day at preschool.... My baby boy is growing up !!!.... sob .. sob...

Okay at Keep 'n' the Memories forum I was lucky to host the last swap... it was a Xmas theme and I have bagged up all the goodies or all those who have participated... I just wanted to wet your appetite and show you what goodies are on their way to the lucky swappers.... Thanks again girls for the excellent goodies for the swap...

Better go or Nate will be waiting for me....Will post again tonight.. hopefully... if it isn't too much of a mad house here after first day back at school to fill you in on everything else...

Cheers M x

Monday, January 21, 2008


You are invited to the
Easter Extravaganza
Scrapbooking Day


When: Saturday 15th of March
Where: Sheidow Park
Time: 10.00am till 5.30pm
What to bring: Basic Toolkit and yourself
Classes include: Altered CD Album and Card Pack


Book today as places are filling fast
RSVP Feb 10th

Michelle W
Fiskateer #13o5

(08) 83219131 or mlwallace@internode.on.net

Sunday, January 20, 2008

And So Starts a New Year

Okay.. I am back... It Has been a while I know... what with the nightmare of Christmas... followed closely by New Year and finished off with our holiday....time has been very hectic here...

So.. to start with I will fill you all in on the happenings here in our crazy lives....

On the family front:

Nate is starting preschool this year... our little boy isn't a little boy any longer. He really enjoyed his visits last year and some of his close friends are going to the same preschool.. this makes it easier, though with his personality he would make friends with anyone... he is such a live wire..

Jhane is going into Year 5 this year... still hard to believe that she is 10 years old already... she is a very interesting person... It was a learning year for us all last year... what with starting at a new school, making new friends and testing new boundaries... She has also discussed what is like to be a girl... she can still be a tomboy at times.. though when it is time to go to the shops, it takes us forever to get out the door....lol...lol...Jhane as also become addicted to scrapbooking... yeah another one in the family.... Look out... my studio will soon be taken over by another scrapper.... NOT !!!!

Kiah is certainly a challenge all on her own.... not in a bad way... Everything that she does certainly brings a smile to our face... She has been nicknamed "Bulldozer".. that's 'cause that is what she looks like when she is going over the top of everything that stands in her way... She has acquired a taste for the rocks in my pot plants, opens the screen door to get out into the back yard, pulls the tissues out of the tissue box in the lounge and basically leaves a trail of destruction behind her... She crawls around so fast that you have to run to get away from her.. and stands up on tip toes to get stuff off my beside table and the fridge door....

Troy is doing good... still suffers from a sore knee at times though his knee reconstruction seems to be a complete success... I think though that I will be glad when he doesn't get up at 5.30am every morning to go to the gym to strengthen it...He still as usual a workaholic... never one to sit idle, he always is up to something around the place...

I am well... finally back on top of things here....I am currently sitting here sunburnt and feeling extremely warm...lol...lol.. but my front garden looks better for it.... Managed to get my front yard all trimmed and tidy today.. some of the other things that I got up to this weekend were:
* trimmed and tidied my veggie patch
* cooked up 3 kgs of home grown tomatoes into homemade tomato sauce (rosella type sauce)
* cooked up 3 kgs of home grown tomatoes and zucchinni into homemade pasta sauce puree
* pickled 2 jars of home grown red onions
* pickled 2 jars of homegrown onions and cucumbers into bread and butter cucumbers
Now we just have to wait to eat them for a couple of months....
BTW made some really yummy cherry jam over the holidays.... soooooo nice!

On the Scrapping Front:

I have finished off my swap for Let's Scrap and hope to get those in the mail this week... Currently hosting the swap for Keep 'n' The Memories.. have had so many goodies coming in the last few days that everyone will be happy with what they are receiving I am sure... Have refilled my General WIP folder and topped up my Fiskars WIP folder... Have set the boundry higher this year for what I want to get done in regards to layouts...aiming for at least 4 layout minimum a week...My life journal from KTM is going well.. heaps of fun to do and will be great to look back on... Am lucky enough this year to be a guest designer for KTM and for Let's Scrap.... can't wait to do the work for them....so exciting....
This year with Fiskars is going to be a big one... so many new and exciting thing happening... Love doing the demonstrations for them.. nice seeing all the eager faces... also great to see all you regulars that keep me laughing.....Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news of the Easter crop that I am in the process of planning..

Okay better go or this post will send everyone to sleep... If you managed to get through all of this then you have done well.... I have dribbled on a fair bit today.. so much more to catch up on, but will do that again soon....

Cheers and Happy scrapping....... M x