Monday, July 19, 2010

Just Because Photos..

Gotta love the photos you find when you dump them off your kids cameras.. lol.. Jhane seem to be loving mucking around with her camera heaps lately and as you can see Miss Tarryn wanted to be part of the fun... love these sort of shots that the kids take. They make me smile when I see them.

This photo was taken at a friends wedding recently of Miss Tarryn.. or Miss Trouble.. as she is now affectionately know by me as...Butter certainly wouldn't melt in her little bower bird loves to collect EVERYTHING and hide it never to be seen again... After a two and a half hour search I finally found the camera cable, 1GB memory card, brand new spare camera battery, fabric swatches for blinds, toy drumstick, lens for the camera, and lens cover, all stashed in bag hidden in the kitchen. This was what she managed to stash in a five minute period with only having access to two rooms in the house!

Like I said.. TROUBLE !!! but I love her anyway !

TFL, M x

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