Monday, July 26, 2010

Wedding Gift and Card for a dear Friend.

So.. I can finally spill the beans and talk about it now they are finally happily married... my golly gosh it is hard to keep a big secret like this. Recently a very dear friend of mine got married in a very private wedding. We were very privileged to be able to share the special day with the lovely couple and their two super gorgeous children. We felt very honoured to be asked to attend and it was a very special day. I was even more honoured to have been asked to stand up as a witness for my dear friend on her big day.
So here is the couple on the big day having photos after the ceremony with their children. The weather was kind to them luckily and held off raining until all the photos were taken.

Okay.. so along with a more traditional wedding gift I really wanted to make something personal for them both..It is a long story behind the reason behind the jar fillings but basically they both like MM's.. one likes the peanuts and the other normal MM's. Hence the mixing of the two. Plus the fact when their daughter was born it was when Janet sent out as favours with her name on them.

The other reason behind the reason I scrap booked a present is because that is how I met my dear friend... well about four kids between us, many a craft market, plenty of shared crafting time, moving to another state and back and almost five years later, we are still good friends.

So here is what I managed to made for the happy couple. The colours used reflected the colours of the day too..

Congrats again guys !

TFL, M x

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