Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stamp Factory Stamping Fun

With the birthday season here upon us in the Wallace household (October we had 2 kids, 1 niece,1 brother in law, and 1 Pops birthday) it can get quite busy with wrapping presents.. not to mention the cost that is involved with all that wrapping paper too !

My daughter decided this year to delay her party until the new vampire movie "New Moon" was out so she could take her friends to the movies for her birthday. We like to make up the goodie bags ourselves and each year look for some fun way to pack them. So we have been busy today making up little goodie boxes for the girls to take home with them when the leave after the sleep over. I had some cute little noodle boxes you can get really cheap from the $2 shop that were crying to be played with. Pulling out some bright Heidi Grace paper,bling and ribbon we set to work. Though the boxes weren't quite complete until we decided to play around with some stamps. Now normally I am not real keen on my kids using my stamps... mainly due to the fact you find ink in places that it really SHOULDN'T be afterwards! Though since having the Fiskars Stamp factory the kids are freely able to use the stamps. No messy ink everywhere and a clean stamp print every time ! I love that. Now I don't have to help them with the stamping.. they can do it all by themselves. I have even taught my daughter how to line it up using the Fiskars Craft mat so that she get the image in the same spot every time! Plus with having to do up large quantities of goodie boxes using the stamp factory saved so much time with being able to stamp multiples very quickly.
Here's our end results:

Off to ice the cake... mmmmm wonder how I couldn't use the stamp factory for that ??? lol.. perhaps to stamp little scalloped tags for each of the candles...

TFL, Michelle :)

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