Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally a catch up post !!!

Okay... I know that I have been a very naughty blogger but it seems that life has gone so fast in the past month or two...need a holiday just to recover from what we have been up to in this crazy house.

Okay so to start this amazing long post.. I am now warning you that this will be a long post.. remember that at the

To recap.. The end of September and start of October saw us camping in Stansbury for the school holidays. The weather was kind to us and I managed to stay sane for the whole time I had the kids on my own (was there for a week with 4 kids flying solo while Troy went back to Adelaide to work). Learnt a few things in the second week about taking other children with you. Some good things and some bad. All round though a very successful holiday.. we even booked in at the caravan park for same time next year while we were down there.

Okay a update on the family front...
Jhane and Nate both had their birthdays in October.. was glad when it was all over and done with. Jhane still has to have her birthday party next weekend though. We put it off until then as she wants to go and see New Moon with her friends for her birthday. Tickets have all been booked and ready to go for next Saturday afternoon. Then back here for Tacos and Naughty Chocolate Cake ! Still hard to believe that she is twelve ... where has all those years gone... Not looking forward to the teenage years ahead... talk about moody !

Nate is Nate.. lol.. thinks that he can play with the big boys all the time, covered in bumps and bruises just before school photos (hello photoshop!), and generally a real boy. Getting good at kicking a football... even though we have to retrieve it from the passion fruit vine or next door neighbours shed often. He is now 6 going on
Kiah is a lolly gobbling devil ! Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and sweet and innocent little bossy one .. just don't seem to be the right words. She is a gem when it is just us at home but she has worked Troy, Jhane and Nate out. She each one of them wrapped around her little finger and they annoy her just as much. For me she is a really good kid. We scrapbook together upstairs. she is really starting to get into this whole lots of stickers, glue and cutting
Tarryn is the baby you just don't know you have. Little mischief and cheeky on the side too. She has 1 tooth now on the bottom and we didn't even know she was cutting it. She is also standing up on things and just started to move along furniture. She also has the commando crawl down pat. She eats like a horse... very different to Kiah who lives on air some days. she has just started with the whole tilt your head on the side and look coy/cute quite cheeky !

When we came back from holidays I started on a new Design team at Scrap of Difference. They are some great people on the forum and looking forward to getting to know everyone. I also got very sick.. firstly with a viral flu that left me with migraines, rash and generally very flat for two weeks... just got over that and kindly Nate brought home a lovely cough.. which of course I picked up... two weeks later I am FINALLY getting over that. Was fun talking at the fair with my croaky voice and sniffles!

Apart from the whole family thing I have been busy with the last few crops for the year... kits seem to be my life at the moment..this was what we made at the last crop at Mandy's house on the 31st of October...

So... if you have gotten this far.. CONGRATULATIONS !!! I am now finally up to date with everything. Crop here tomorrow despite the heat.. nice and cool here with the air conditioner so we will be fine. One more crop for the year left in two weeks time at Ethelston.. then we start again in the new year. Already working out the projects for the crops and dates have all been confirmed. if you want to know more about me crops shoot me an email. they do book out fast so you need to be quick.

Okay better go as almost lunch time here and the tribe will start to chase me if it's not ready.

TFR, M x

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