Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So excited !!!

Can you guess what I am doing......

I have been madly packing my scrap trolley with tools and goodies...

I am so excited that even my slight cold isn't going to keep me down. I am off to the Adelaide Craft and Quilt Fair here in South Australia tomorrow. I will be there at the Fiskars Craft Studio with bells on for sure ! I can't wait to meet Trea and Rod.. will be nice to put a face to the names. I had so much fun at the Fiskars garage sale we had here in Adelaide earlier this year that I know this time round it will be an even bigger buzz. I love nothing move than sharing ideas and promoting amazing tools and products. Fiskars certainly have those for sure! Can't wait to meet some of the ladies that have promised to come down and see me all the way from the Barossa (they live about 1 1/2 hrs away from town and any LSS. Also looking forward to seeing a few friendly faces of those who know me that have promised to come down and see what Fiskars have at the Craft Studio. Most of all I am looking forward to sharing the Fiskars love and showing anyone how to use the tools.

If your looking for some great tools and amazing products, don't forget to pop down and see us at the Fiskars Craft Studio tomorrow or over the next few days. Come and see me and say "hello"... SHHHH!!! surprise for you...may have a goodie or two to give away if you come and get your picture taken with us... better get down to see us to get some though !

Check in over the next few days to see what I get up to at the fair.

Cheers M x

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Janet said...

ahh B&D .. stanley has been missing you and cant wait to be in your company very very soon!

Soo pleased your having a great time at the Craft Fair M .. !! hope to get the chance to do it with you next year - even if we just go for a look-see :)