Saturday, November 7, 2009

Checking in from the Adelaide Craft Fair

Just a quick check in to say that I am still alive.. all be it loosing my voice a little and battling a cough.. but all round having an absolute BLAST.. being out in the thick of it at the Adelaide Craft Fair here these past few days. I will fill you all in a bit more later, as my dear family is crying out for some TLC after being put on the back burner for the past few days. So I will leave you today with some photos of the stall and what not of the fair... still have to race around with the camera and take some more photos tomorrow hopefully. Been fairly busy which makes it hard to run around with the camera.. Not that it has been bad being busy. So loving being able to share a few tips and tricks about the tools with everyone. Have also had the chance to work with two very amazing people, Trea and Rod. Has been nice to be able to put faces to names finally.
Okay.. will leave you with a few photos and fill you in on our adventures tomorrow night. If your coming down to the fair or considering coming down you had better make it early as products and tools have been flying out the door that what is left is extremely limited. There is still some amazing bargain left though that will keep any scrapbooker/cardmaker happy for sure ! Lots of people have been shocked with the great prices !

Till tomorrow... off to relax before the final day. Hope to see you there tomorrow !

M x

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