Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recycle.. Reuse.. Re purpose Challenge - Ideas Part 7

Here's the latest list of ideas for things that you can find around the house and ways of using them for scrapbooking.

So here's Ideas Part 7:

1. Old Jewellery - Sometimes that lost earring can come in handy. Can make a great embellishment or if it has some bling in it you could use it to jazz up your layout. Hanging earrings are great for OTP items too when you want something to hang.

2. Lace - Dig out your old lace scraps and use them as templates to mask a pattern onto your layout with ink.. or even add it for that something extra to a layout or card.

3. Buttons - Especially those you get when you purchase a new item.. I always keep them because you never know when you paper flower may need a centre or you want to jazz up a page with a button or two.

4. Plastic Stamp packaging sheets - I use both sides of the packaging from stamps as I store my tamps in cd cases. But I can't throw away the sheets the stamps came on. the side that has the design printed onto it makes great overlays like acetate and the other side if perfect for stamping onto also.

5. Paper coffee/tea cup holders - makes for an interesting layout. Why not theme your layouts around them or cup out things from the logo for an embellishment.

Still digging through my list of things to recycle around my house. How about you ?

Don't forget to check out the blog for a few things the Ambassadors have left to show you this month.

TFL... M x

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Just like Martha said...

Hi Michelle,
just posted another entry over at www.leemillstypepad.com - repurposing a cd case - hope you like it xx Lee