Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Recycle... Reuse... Repurpose... - Layout Share 1

Okay... so I thought it would be an idea to show you what I find hanging around my house that I couldn't resist playing with. Yes.. everyone often jokes I will scrap them if they don't keep moving... like that would really help.. them staying still and all ! lol.

So..Remember how I mentioned I love to recycle.... well here's a perfect example of what I get up to...Recycling a bit of cardstock from packaging and a chocolate wrapper.

And .. YES ! the page smells just as yummy as it looks... MMMMM Dark Peppermint Chocolate ! YUM.

Yes.. as you can see I have actually used a chocolate wrapper on my page !
I even hand cut the title myself from my stash of recycled cardstock with my trusty faithful Fiskars fingertip knife. Then I have the title a lick of paint and the layout was all done.

Perfect way to capture just as the layout title suggests "The Simple Things".

Why not see what you can come up with today from your recycled stash.

Cheers M x

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