Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recycle.. Reuse.. Re purpose Challenge - Ideas Part 5

Here's the latest list of ideas for things that you can find around the house and ways of using them for scrapbooking.

So here's Ideas Part 5:

1. Plastic packing from Cakes/ Biscuits - Use these with ink/paint to create interest on cardstock for a background. Also cut strips of the bumpy side and add to a layout as embellishments.

2. Wrapping from Flowers - Sometimes when you get flowers the plastic wrapper is patterned. this looks great when you use it as a layer on your layout. Create a whole new dimension and look.

3. Yarn/Wool - Got an old knitted jumper that you don't want any more ? Well the wavy wool makes a good addition to any layout. Even cutting small part as an embellishment looks great. Or blanket stitch the edges of a mini album with what you have pulled out.

4. Fabric Scraps - Make great backgrounds for layouts. You can also use to bind mini albums also by threading through holes you have punched and tie them into knots.

5. Plastic Mesh - Adds some dimension to a layout when added as a layer.

Stay tuned for some more fun ideas.

Don't forget to check out the blog for a few things the Ambassadors have left to show you this month.

TFL... M x

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