Friday, September 4, 2009

Recycle.. Reuse.. Re purpose Challenge - Ideas Part 1

Okay as I promised I thought I would give you all a few ides of what to do with those unwanted items around the house.. the things you call junk or "think" are rubbish... well think again !

Each couple of days I will give you a list of 5 items and ideas of how to use them.

So here's Ideas Part 1:

1. Bubble wrap - you can use bubble wrap brushed with paint as a stamp to press onto cardstock to make your own paper

2. Paper tubes (paper towel/ toilet rolls) - Dip these into paint and then "stamp" onto cardstock to make your own backgrounds.

3. Cardboard from calendars - makes great embellishments. Add a sticker and cut around it at some kindy glitz and 3d foam and you've made you own 3D embellishment.

4. Thick cardboard - make your own wavy ruler by cutting out a wavy line on your cardstock. Great for when you want to write on a wavy line as it all end up even without having to draw a line to write on and smudge. (speaking from

5. Old Foam mouse pads - make great stamps.. cut out designs on mouse pad and use with acrylic paint.. you'll have a stamp you can wash and reuse.

Back in a few days with some more fun ideas.

Check out the amazing things the Ambassadors are doing on the blog for this months theme.

TFL... M x

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