Friday, September 25, 2009

Recycle.. Reuse.. Re purpose Challenge - Ideas Part 8

Here's the today's list of ideas for things that you can find around the house and ways of using them for scrapbooking.

So here's Ideas Part 8:

1. Bread Bag Tags - Make great embellishments on pages. Attach patterned paper to the flat side to make up your own tags, layer them to great flowers.. the list for these is endless.

2. Playing Cards - Don't throw away those incomplete decks. Use them as embellishments on layouts/cards or even as a base for a mini album.. just add a ring and your down.

3. Puzzle Pieces - Add some patterned paper and you have little embellishments for your scrapbooking.

4. Pizza Boxes - The lids are just the right size to become the base of a layout instead of cardstock. Distress it and paint it for a real grungy feel. Plus these make great storage solution for storing Layouts if you don't have an album on hand.

5. Fabric Labels from clothing - Add these as tags/embellishments to layouts for that little bit of dimension. Or if it is a logo on a shirt (old one) your could also cut it out and use it too.

Check back in a few days for the last list of fun things to recycle from around your house.

Don't forget to check out the blog for a few things the Ambassadors have left to show you this month.

TFL... M x

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