Monday, August 9, 2010

Hiding my tail between my legs....

Okay.. in the last week i have been madly working on layouts that are due before the end of the month. I have sorted out photos I wanted to use and while I was chasing down paper to use I thought I would pull out some of the kits that I have purchased along the way to try and use some of them up.

Well..... much to my horror while digging.. yes digging they were stashed away in my best paper cupboard to be used for special stuff... I am ashamed to admit I have over 30 KITS !!!! that haven't seen the light of day .. some for months and some for more than a few months...

I haven't been getting the kits for a few months now.. so I ave been good and not being buying.. but in the same breathe haven't been scrapping a lot either.. well I have been scrapping but not personal stuff.. Mainly Fiskars crop stuff and Fiskars samples.
Note to self for the next few months.. hit the kits and make a BIG dent in them. Plus get some personal scrapping done.. feeling the withdrawals happening. LOL!

TFL, M x

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