Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spreading the Fiskars Love!

Thought I had better jump on the computer before heading off to bed for an early night.. too much burning the candle at both ends here scrapbooking!

Today was a fun filled day at Spotlight Noarlunga for me. I had brought along plenty of Fiskars punches to play with along with a cute little card for everyone to make.

After a mad dash to set up as people were waiting for me and all that. I got stuck into answering questions, sharing tips and basically getting into the workshop. I must admit I only managed to get a couple of photos taken of the set up once the first group had left.. and of one of the finished cards.. very shy people down here.. plus the fact that I didn't stop from the beginning till two hours had passed. That was such a shock. We had been working so hard that before I knew it it was already two o'clock! I don't think I have talked for that long in my whole life!

Here's the set up that I arrange when I arrived.

Thanks again for the balloons girls.. it helped everyone find us.

And here is one of the cards a lovely down here created.

Would like to say a huge thank you to two special ladies that came down to see me especially after seeing a flyer saying I would be down there. One travelled down about 45 minutes to see me from further down south. Another travelled down about half hour on the train just to see me. It was a pleasure to meet you both and I hope that you both now have more success with the tools you had been having trouble with.

Looking forward to the next time I get creating at Spotlight Noarlunga. Keep your eyes peeled for when I will be there next.

Till then, Happy Scrapping, M x

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