Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fiskars August Theme - Photo a Day - Week 2

Okay.. so here is what I found for my photos for this week while playing along with the Fiskars Photo a Day challenge.

Day 10 - Your Morning
The mayhem of breakfast... everyone puts their "orders" in the night before as to what they would like for breakfast... quite funny really getting a kiss and a cuddle goodnight along with a breakfast order ! I make every one's breakfast and lunch in the morning.. quite a job for a family for six.. the kitchen bench is almost not big enough.

Day 11 - Black or White
Yes.. an old photo.. but I love this photo so much.. I prefer it like this than in colour. It really shows how the kids can really be themselves up at the farm. So much fun when there is open space and fresh air. Perfect for photos too.

Day 12 - Most Fun
Sometimes I wonder if it really I seemed to have lost my mojo for a bit there.. but I have been madly scrapping up a storm here for the Royal Adelaide show.. AND I am pleased to say that I am so far happy with everything I have made. So for me at the moment I have found that scrapping is the most fun I have been having.

Day 13 - Tea or Coffee
First thing in the morning I always have a cup of tea.. though I am a coffee person through and through... I especially love my special coffee and ALWAYS have yummy coffee around.. At the moment it is Chocolate Macadamia. Mmmmm. YUM!

Day 14 - Landscape or Scenery
We are lucky enough to have a family farm. I love taking photos there.. especially of all the rusted out equipment. It reminds me just how hard it is to live off the land.

Day 15 - You
Just like the dentist ad that used to be on television. I can shouw you my am never seen or photographed away from the camera.. so this time will be no different. LOl...

Day 16 - Household Chores
Well the list of photos I could have taken could have been endless, like most people. I decided to just photograph my cleaning supplies.. They are my tried and tested to work favourites. I try and use mainly green friendly as most water is recycled onto our plants and veggie patch. We like to be able to our bit for the environment.

Day 17 - Animal
This was taken by my daughter. My kids were taken by their Oma and Opa to Monarto Zoo. Truly amazing experience for the kids to see the animals outside of cages. They were able to get up close with the safari bus. The Zoo is located about 1 hour drive from our place.

Till next weeks photo catch up.

TFL, M x

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