Friday, April 11, 2008

My baby turns 1 today !

Today my little baby girl turns 1.... WOW... hard to believe that she is already baby is becoming a big girl... growing up too quick...Must say that she is totally oblivious to what is actually happening exciting for us than proud of my little girl too...she has a achieved so much at such a young age.. yes I am probably very bias
Now Kiah is 1 she is able to:climb upstairs without anyone knowing...walk around the house...worked out the rocks from my pot plants have an amazing taste...leave a trail of destruction behind her...taught herself how to scream and squeal at the same time.... lovely I must out which scrapbooking paper scraps are the better quality paper to the everything without a concern with her 4 little teeth... amazing how they can chew I must say...

Happy Birthday to my little Goldilocks..

May your future be bright and sunny just like you

May you achieve all that your heart desires

Remember that we all love you dearly and you are very precious to us.
Love Mummy.

Okay enough dribble from me... I had better get some work done..still got to ice your cake for tonight.

M x

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