Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Catchup - Crop Report

Good Morning all.

I trust you had as good a weekend as we did here in Adelaide, South Australia. It was a very busy weekend here and the weather looked to put a dampener on the day though the sun shone through in the end.

Unfortunately we had a few last minute cancellations, due to illness with the ever changing weather here in Adelaide at the moment it is to be expected. We had to put the heater on to keep us all warm for the day and yet today I have closed up the house to keep it cool due to a warm day heading our way !

This weekend just past was the last crop weekend here in Adelaide for 2008. We certainly did the day in style, with everyone getting into the festive spirit by dressing for the occasion.

The theme for our last crop was last minute Christmas ideas. I wanted to show everyone how quick and inexpensive it can be to create gifts for friends and family at the last minute with supplies from your stash. We were lucky enough to be able to play around with some of the Heidi Grace and Cloud 9 Clear stamps too, which made the job even easier.

Once again everyone enjoyed filling there tummies with some fine food and their heads with wonderful ideas of how to use the products/tools that Fiskars have on the market. I was also able to show everyone the new Christmas Shape template that is due out, along with the new Cloud 9 Christmas kit that I am sure everyone will be heading to the shops to buy.

So with everyone leaving here with their goodie bags full of amazing Fiskars products hey had made, their heads full of ideas and their sopping list for Christmas all filled in with Fiskars tools I think the day was a huge success once again.

Planning has been started for the next crop here in January 2009 here in Adelaide already. I teased everyone here with the project ideas I have planned for that crop along with the crops I am hoping to go ahead with next year. People were already asking to save places for the next crop and I haven't even finalised the details I do promise to get the details for the next crop off in the next week so people can start making plans.

Many thanks also especially to the following people who have made the crops here in Adelaide, South Australia possible without their help and support now if would have been possible:
My family - for the help and relocation you have endured without any complaints
My parents - for kindly baking goodies and and looking after my children
Lyn Dwyer - the one I badger with emails.. your support has been endless
Trea - for all you hard work getting the supplies we need and all your amazing help
Fiskars HO - for all your support and kindness in getting these crops to happen here in Adelaide

So.. will leave you with a few pictures of the day that were taken by my darling husband, who I must thank heaps for setting up my trestles, keeping the milk filled, topping up the urnie for us, turning on the oven for the lunch run and helping me pack up at the end of the day. MWAH !! thanks heaps Darl. Note to self though.. must teach DH how to use camera in the new year !

Enjoy and here's to 2009 Fiskars Crops in here in Adelaide. Let's hope they are even more successful as 2008 !

Cheers M x

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Kirsty said...

Looks like SO much fun Michelle!