Friday, March 11, 2011

Miss T is definately TROUBLE !!!

Heard a noise while I was studying in the study the other day..

"Help.. 'TUCK.. TUCK'.. Help.. Mum!!" in Miss T's voice, a little muffled though..

Went in search of where she was.. Found her in the pantry.. SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!

Please excuse the really bad photo... but had to post it.. couldn't get a really good photo of this as was giggling so much and trying to make sure she didn't fall while I caught her in the act...

She had climbed my pantry shelves (please excuse the untidy pantry!) and had a lunch box of goodies under her arm, which she refused to put down so she could actually climb down the pantry.. hence she was "STUCK" !

Needless to say.. I now study at the kitchen table to keep an eye on Miss Trouble!

TFL, M x