Thursday, July 28, 2011

Quick and easy thank you

Wanted to create a quick card to say thank you to Kiah's Calisthenics teacher.

Kiah's coach is leaving soon "sob sob" and moving up to Darwin to be with her fiance.

She has been an amazing coach and extremely tolerant with the girls. Kiah's team is made up of nine girls aged between two to four years of age!

They had their mid year revue this month and it was so cute to see all the hard work they had done up on stage finally.

Here's Miss Kiah all dressed in her Club tracksuit all ready to leave for the theatre performance.

Here's the card I have made for Miss Vashti

Fiskars Tools Used:
- Fiskars Tool Taxi
- Fiskars Portable SureCut Portable Trimmer
- Fiskars Microtip Scissors

Adhesive's Used:
- Helmar Liquid Scrapdots
- Helmar Adhesive Tape Runner

Now to get Kiah to do up a picture to add into the card and we are all done.

Happy Scrapping.

TFL, M x

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