Sunday, August 7, 2011

Helmar fun in a different way for me !

Hello everyone, Michelle here... waving madly.....

I am here I promise you....

Just buried under a pile of sequins....

What am I up to you may ask....

Well what do you think you get when you mix

- a bottle of Bacardi
- a bread and butter plate
(both of these where the perfect circle size..)
- lots of sequins, tulle and Lycra
- and LOTS of Helmar goodness...

To cut a long story short.. I was asked to create the headpieces for my niece's Calisthenics costume for their competition coming up this week.

I was sent this picture from High School Musical
as to use as inspiration as the will be performing a song from High School Musical called "Fabulous".

It was a fun process as my niece lives 8 hours drive away and needed the head pieces made up at only 3 weeks notice. So I got to work and created up a storm.

I was so lucky to have heaps of Helmar 450 on hand as it was the best thing for adhering the Lycra to the bases of the headpieces. Because it is quick drying I was able to get the bases all made up nice and quick. It was great too as I didn't have to sew the Lycra at all.

I then used my Helmar 450 to adhere all the elements to the head piece base. This mean very little sewing and a guarantee that they won't fall apart too!

My next hurdle was trying to work out how to attach the sequins to the spotty net and the tulle flower I made.

That job was made super easy with a little help from Helmar Gemstone Glue. No unsightly stitching, which is hard on tulle, and they stayed put nicely.

Because Helmar is so quick drying I was able to adhere all the sequins to 8 head pieces in under half an hour!

Thanks to my Darling Daughter 13, for modelling the hat for me... I know your sick of wearing it for me so I can check it...especially when I have been dragging you out of bed to check it again and again... hehehehe

Well better got them boxed off now.. they are being dropped off to my niece tomorrow who has arrived here in Adelaide from Port Lincoln for her competition this week. I can't wait to see them on stage with the rest of the costume.

Off to drink that bottle of Bacardi now to celebrate them being finished!!!!


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