Saturday, February 18, 2012

Altering to my hearts content!

OMG! I have been dying to share this with everyone since I finished this last week...

I have been sharing a few sneak peeks on my facebook page as I have gone along.. but held off from showing everyone the completed project.

Let me explain.... We had a new cheap "junk"shop.. and I mean junk in the nicest way, I always find lots of goodies in these types of shops.

Anyways.. a few month's ago I saw a photo (sorry cannot for the life of me remember where) of a shopping centre that had displayed umbrellas that had been decorated by school children and hung upside down with things suspended from them. I was in love with that idea. So when I new went to the shops I checked out my favourite "junk" shops and found some Chinese fabric parasols. They have been sitting on my desk for a while as I have been snowed under with study... plus to honest my mojo had gone north for a holiday I

So.. I finally decided it was time to start what I had envisioned.

With no real plan in mind I started on recovering the umbrella with a clean base to start with of calico using some Helmar 450 to adhere it to the umbrella base. Because it is quick drying it was finished in no time and I couldn't get impatient.

Next I made up some paper vines using some brown paper lunch bags, ink and some of Helmar's Kids Craft Glue.. my kids weren't very impressed when I stole it back to

Still not having any clear plan at to what I was doing.. I then adhered some tulle to the umbrella using Helmar 450 , as I knew I wanted to create some dimension to the butterflies that I would be adding later.

So with that all done after using lots of Helmar 450, Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots and Helmar Kid's Craft Glue
I finally had what I had envisioned.

Here's it is.

It was a little hard to photograph as it is suspended from the ceiling in my youngest two girls bedroom.

Plus the fact the size also at it is about 50cm in diameter! and has butterflies suspended down from it, which move, using fishing line.

My two girls spent half an hour laying on the flower beneath it... must admit I was laying there with them too.. just looking up at it.

I am so happy with how it has turned out and I know my job was made some much easier in creating it with a LOT of help from my Helmar adhesive goodies.

Gotta love thinking outside the box with Helmar!

TFL, M x

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Pam said...

It looks fantastic Michelle! Your girls are so lucky to have such a creative Mum