Sunday, August 19, 2012

Messing around and having fun

Hello everyone, Michelle here from a rather chilly Adelaide, South Australia.

Because the weather here has been rather cool it has been perfect for hiding away in my scrap room and playing around with some Helmar Decoupage Paste.

Having had a fun time lately playing around with recycled card and napkins, I decided to mix things up a bit with a little bit of help from Helmar. While using some old vintage book pages I noticed that my homemade Helmar Glue wash  (1 part water to 3 parts Helmar Acid Free Glue) was a little harsh on the vintage book paper. It tended to turn the vintage book paper into paper mache and started to smudge the ink of the writing when I tried to adhere it to the recycled card.

So.. the next task was to try something else to preserve the vintage book page. That was where Helmar Decoupage Paste came into play. I found it was the perfect medium for adhere the vintage book pages. By using the Helmar Glue Spreader to spread the Helmar Decoupage Paste both on the top and the bottom the vintage book page both didnt wrinkle or smudge the ink.

I was then able to use my Helmar glue wash to adhere my napkins directly onto the decoupaged book pages. I then used some Helmar Decoupage Paste to adhere small paper pentagons directly onto the base I had created. Because the Helmar Decoupage Paste left a nice sealed surface on the first layer it  meant that the pentagon adhered nice and smoothly. The Helmar Decoupage Paste also prevented the ink from smudging from the sides of the pentagons.

I then was able to spray the whole base with a little Helmar Krystal Kote Fixative before I stamped the edges of the base I had created. This prevents smudging and means that I was able to play around a bit with some texture paste, inks and rubons without the base being smudged. Then with a few extra embellishments and photo added to the base with a bit of Helmar 450 I was able to create this fun grungy boy layout so a very special friend.

So as you can see, with a little help from some fun Helmar adhesive you can have lots of fun creating.

Why not a have play around today.

TFL, M x

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