Friday, August 28, 2015

I am still here !!!!!!

Okay.. so this is the start of catch up big time.... 

Just want to say a HUGE apology for not having stayed on top of posting on my poor little blog.

To say things have been busy here would be an understatement. 

To say that things have been crazy here would be more appropriate!

So I have been busy on the first account with TAFE then because my mojo had gone south due to personal issues here I had not been able to scrap big time the way I wanted. Ultimately this lead to a crazy time getting some scrap work done that ALMOST didn't get done... my work for this years Royal Adelaide Show. This was a HUGE job this year with everything else going on.. and I certainly managed to get my mojo back in one weekend to pull this off.
I am very lucky to have been able to complete 12 layout, 4 cards and 2 off the page items by the skin of my teeth. And have to admit that I had to get my daughter to copy and paste the journalling part to the cards for two of the layouts as those were done from the hospital!!!! Long story... but this explains a little.... 
Miss T ended up having a stay in our local hospital for a few days due to being extremely unwell. Not the best photo but I had a migraine before heading into the emergency department after being up all night with her the night before. Poor little miss. But pleased to say that we are home now after a stay in the hospital to recover fully at home on strict quarantine and rest orders.

Okay... well off the get the posts that were long over due sorted.

Time to get back on track.

TFL, M x

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