Friday, December 19, 2008

Xmas Creating Fun in the Wallace House

This year we decided that we wanted to bake for Xmas as our little gifts. I seriously thought that it would never happens with all the things that I had planned on my "To Do" list.

**Note to self for next year... not to be having a baby and planning Xmas at the same**

So anyway... between the kids and I, we managed to bake up a storm here at the Wallace house and made up 60 large gingerbread men and about 40 smaller gingerbread men. Mind you the whole time Nate kept saying that we needed to make Aliens instead of gotta love boys. The fun and relaxing part for me was the day that Nate and I sat down and iced and decorated the gingerbread men. I was so proud of him 'cause he didn't lose patience or interest at all and it took us about 1 1/2 hours to get them all done... for a 5 year old I think that is a huge thing!

The other fun goodies we made were homemade rum and raisin chocolate fudge, chocolate brownie balls, hedgehog slice, chocolate truffles and 15 jars of homemade passion fruit butter.

Now being the avid scrapper we couldn't just send them out any old how could we... glutton for punishment here... so out came the Heidi Grace and Cloud 9 Xmas stamps, my Fiskars Squeeze punches, my Fiskars Threading Water Punch,my Fiskars Holly Border punch, water colour pencils, Kindy Glitz, some precut shipping tags and an abundance of Fiskars Paper scraps.

We set to work then punching, cutting and stamping to our hearts content. I never realised how much fun it was to make up your own Xmas pressie tags too. A definite must for next year for me for sure. The kids had an absolute ball and we managed to get them all done in time for them to hand out their goodies in the last week of school. It took us a few weeks to get the all done as I split the tasks up over different weekends so they would lose interest and all... but the end results were just what we had all hope for. Plus the added bonus for me was being able to spend quality time with my kids celebrating Xmas the way it should be... creating things together we made with love.

So here are the goodies that we managed to get made for Xmas:

Hope that everyone is enjoying the festive season and managing to get some creating done just like us.

Best wishes and Merry Xmas.

M x


Jayne said...

WOW Michelle you and your kids did a fabulous job with all you baking and card making!!! They look fantastic!!!!

Kerryn said...

My god you are amazing Michelle! I do not know how you do it. It all looks fabulous!!!