Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Craft Kits Needed !

Received this email from Julie to thank me for creating 150 LO's for SCKC this year. Thought I would share it all with you as they are calling out for help with the craft kits for the Victoria Fire Victims. I know I have plenty in my stash that could help out other and kow that I will be send some.


I drafted a happy letter below to send out to you to say Thanks for your wonderful contribution to SCKC, we have reached our target for 2009 through your incredible support, I still want you to receive that (see below) but with the awful disaster that has hit our fellow Aussies in Victoria i have an URGENT appeal for the Children that are suffering so very much, I read an email from a yahoo site, Karen Rogers is urgently asking for craft items for the children to make kits, they are severely traumatized and professionals involved in their care are of the belief that they need to channel their distress via drawing and craft creation.........Please read below and see if their is any goodies in your stash you may be willing to donate, I am happy to receive stuff and send it off or you can email Karen direct......PLEASE HELP, these children are every bit as deserving as the kids of SCKC....... An excerpt from Karens email......

Hi Ladies

.....I have been keeping in very close touch with my best friend who is a Manager for a Community Support and Counseling centre in NE Victoria, and she has been, for their organization, in charge of co-coordinating support and counselling for many of the children who have been horrendously affected by this disaster. She is a specialist Child support worker and child psychologist, and I talked with her late tonight about the children and how they are doing, and the various thoughts that have been suggested here on Stamphappy. I in no way want to detract from the wonderful sentiments and suggestions by any of you girls, because I truly believe that at the right time, gifts of stamping/scrapbooking supplies will be incredibly treasured and gratefully received by all or some of the victims.

Tonight however, Kath talked to me about the need to meet some needs of the children, and how children have a need to be busy in the face of trauma and disaster - or at least have the wherewithal to do so when they feel a need to. This might mean several hours a day for them, or could even just be 15 mins. at a time. Particularly for girls, but also for boys, they have a need to create as this is a very integral way of expressing their emotions and feelings, and very much is a coping mechanism for them. She explained
to me that while at this time, crafting is not going to be any kind of a priority for the parents, for all the very valid and critical reasons Kath H. shared with us, on the other hand, it could and would be a huge help for the children right now.

We talked at length, and with her input and thought and professional understanding firsthand of what they are dealing with in terms of helping the children to work through their own trauma, and have the needs to do so, I promised her that I would do what I could to focus some giving particularly on the children in this respect, and she will ensure that it gets to the children individually.

So.I am humbly seeking your help in any way, big or small to enable us to touch the lives of these dear young children (and others maybe not so young, as there are young teenagers in there as well) Any donations you might be able to round up would be gratefully accepted and appreciated. Anything will go to creating fun and interesting kits for these children. Stamp Pads - dye ink only at this time as they won't need adult supervision to utilise them, cardstock, papers, glue, double sided tape, pens, pencils, markers, stickers, rub-on's, scissors, cutting mats, cutters, stamps, embellishments, brown paper bags with handles for kits( I have some already and will buy some more, ribbons, cords, punches..anything at all would be ever so much appreciated. I have begun to put some bags together with my stuff, and hope that you might be able to help me put together a substantial number of kits so that we can hopefully make enough to cover all the children (approx 300). At this point, I am not real sure how many children are
affected..but Kath tells me it is lots and they have been run off their feet this week counselling and supporting the kids.

I will be going to Melbourne to see her in 3 weeks, and would love to fill suitcases with kits to give her, and she will ensure they get distributed to the kids. I will happily pay excess baggage if I need to , to get them all to her - now I am thinking positive J!!!!

If you can donate anything at all, it will all go to help these beautiful children who have so many needs, both physical and material, but also
emotional at this time.

My address is for donations is: PO Box 75, Campbell Town. Tasmania 7210


I realise that 3 weeks doesn't leave a whole lot of time to pull this together, but please, at least think about whether you can help. If
donations come in after the 3 weeks, I will continue to put the kits together and undertake to send them on to Kath each time I have 10 ready to


Thankyou for reading this far, and thankyou for caring, as we all do, for all the victims of this tragic situation.

Optimistically preparing to help in the small way I can..please join me.

Smiles and hugs

Karen Rogers


I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and New Year and your looking forward to what 2009 will bring!

I am pleased to let you know that we have almost gathered through your incredible generosity, enough pages to fulfill not only the needs of the 8 SCKC camps for 2009 but also enough to help out an Australian guy who is living in Columbia with 20 odd orphaned boys. Your contribution has meant that over 270 children will now have gorgeous Memory Albums that will anchor potentially their only childhood photos and memories of a happy & playful week away.

Once again I am most grateful and left wishing you could experience the reaction of the children and their buddies to your incredible creative generosity.
SCKC Casey, Emerald, Knox and Dunedin (NZ) are all over for 2009 we still have another 5 to go and I am busy sorting your LO's & packing the needed kits for the camps coming up soon. I have updated my blog with comments from two of the Directors and hope to add photos soon, we have also had a few buddies add their comments of appreciation.

Please feel free to continue sending pages you have created or plan to, even though we are close to our target for this year we will continue to sort and package your LO's for the camps beyond 2009, with your continued support we will be able to ensure that as SCKC camps grow and multiply within Australia & New Zealand, the children's Memory Albums will remain the same, full of creative love that reminds them each and every day, that even as strangers we think they arte worthy.


Take care and God Bless you all.

Jules X

PS Check out http://www.sckc.org.au If you feel you would like to get involved in other ways to help ensure we can reach more and more children in the years to

Why not raid your stash and see what you can come up with.

Cheers M x

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