Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fun with Punches and Paper the Fiskars Way

This is what happens when you let an 11 year old and 5 year old loose in a scrap room of a Fiskars crazy household !

This year, like last year, my kids wanted to create goodies for their class buddies and friends. I had found these really cool brightly coloured plastic eggs that opened at our local cheap shop. I though they would be perfect for the kids to give to their friends. So I set about setting my kids up to create up a storm.

Everyone has abundance of scraps and I was more than happy for them to pull out my Fiskars scraps and let loose. Even though my kids have all their own punches my Fiskars punch draw always seems to be empty...this time was no exception ! They pulled out my Fiskars Threaded Water and Scalloped Heart Fiskars Squeeze Punches and found the Heidi Grace Heart was a perfect match for the inside of the scalloped heart. After a bit of double sided tape, inking and stamping bird using Heidi Grace Tags and Words Clear Stamp... this is what they came up with...

I spent this afternoon helping them fill the eggs with chocolate eggs.. mind you my daughter who is almost two found eating the eggs more fun than filling them... luckily I always buy extra for my lolly/chocolate freak !

I must say... and I may be bias...that I am most proud of what they have come up with... they look so cute and all..I am also proud that they like to make gifts to give to there friends as a gesture of friendship. That I find is is really sweet.

So...why not get your kids to create up a storm.. you might be surprised at what they can do when you let them loose !

Cheers M x

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