Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just to tease you some more !!!

Okay.. now remember about a week ago I posted about the goodies that I got at the Fiskars Garage Sale we had here in Adelaide ...

Well... I have a major confession...We got home after the day there and headed up to the Barossa for a week away with the kids at the farm. My MIL and I went through all her goodies and noticed that she didn't have much in the way of papers from all the goodies that she bought.... so after much discussion we decided to bundle the baby into the car the next morning at 7.30am and drive for 1 1/2hours to attack the Fiskars Garage Sale again... NUTS !!! yeah I know !!

So by 9.30 Monday morning we were there scavenging what was left... not much I must say while they packed everything that was left to head back to Melbourne... Hugs hugs to Cess and Sascha for putting up with us again and allowing us to be the scavenger we are while they madly packed after an exhausting 5 days of very hard work !! What an amazing job they did!

So just to tease you all with the extra goodies I was able to get my hands on here is its....

And here is my new baby !!!! I am sooooo in love with this... I used it last night to cut the last of the OTP packs for the crop this weekend... took me a whole 5 minutes to cut the paper needed for the kits instead of the usual half a day.. This baby cuts up to 40 sheets at a time... will make things so much quicker.

So after our 3 hour round trip... morning tea at Villi's Bakery (YUM)... baby in tow and leaving the rest of the tribe at the farm for the day.. I am pleased to say that I over 3000 sheets of paper the wiser !! and that was only the stuff I bought on this trip.... I am pleased to say though that I have sorted and packed all the goodies into my Fiskars cupboard (took me all of yesterday) and all ready for some hard core scrapping now.

Okay off to make dinner then get the last minute instructions done for the crop this weekend..

Happy Scrapping, M x

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