Friday, July 10, 2009

WOW !! Guess where I was today ????

I'll give you a big clue....

The Fiskars Garage sale in South Australia!!

I mean a big WOW too... what amazing stuff there is there... so much to choose from at such great prices that leave you wanting to buy more and more..

They are open again tomorrow and Sunday from 10 till 4pm at 59 Galway Ave, Marleston.. everything must go.

Why not head down here to check out the amazing bargains yourself.

BTW... huge thanks to the wonderful people that helped me find my feet while I was working there today. Been a while since I have used a cash register and did that sort of work. Was a pleasure to help you out for the day.. and soooo much fun too !

M x


Anonymous said...

How lucky!!! I'm so jealous :)

Enjoy all of your goodies and have a great night!


Jayne said...

Thanks for sharing about his sale. I had not heard about it but after seeing it on your blog I popped down there on did I get some bargins!!!