Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My second scrap space

I must say that my scrap room does seem like my second home... I spend a lot of my days in this room... It is my space that I can do what I like it and express myself through my scrapbooking.

I was lucky enough when we built our house almost 6 years ago in the southern suburbs of Adelaide to have the extra space to turn into a craft room. At the time I had started scrapbooking, but not to the degree that I do it now. So the room started with a basic desk and storage shelves down one side for all my crafts. The room also was used for when we had guests stayed, so there was a fold away bed and daybed there too. My husband is into trains so the room was shared between us with his smaller train set up on a small layout about 3m x 1.5m.

As things progressed with my scrapbooking and I begun to run workshops from home the room changed...I added a trestle table for teaching and supplies began to be stored on wire cubes I made up. Unfortunately for my husbands train set also increased in size and he jokes about having to ask "the real estate agent" (Me !) for more "land". So for us the room changed drastically as my addiction/passion for scrapbooking grew and my husband's train layout grew to a "L" 3m x 3m layout. Out went the daybed and fold out bed... the trestle table left also as I started teaching at a LSS.

I guess the main thing is that my room holds many happy memories so far in the short time that it has been created. It is forever changing to allow for new additions to my ever increasing stash. The best part though is it is a room used by the family but they all know it as "Mum's Scraproom". The things I will always remember about my scraproom are:

* buying out all the Big W stores in Adelaide of their wire cube sets to make up shelves..ended up with well over 15 packs !!
* moving my new solid timber computer desk into the scraproom at 6pm at night off the top of the 4WD, dragging it through the attic window on planks of wood 'cause it wouldn't go up the stairs OR in through the attic door as desk was too big... not to self.. buy flat pack furniture that is not too heavy!
* reorganising the room what seemed a gazillion times due to ever increasing stash
* DS Nate being most distraught as when we moved the trestle table out to put in my new cupboards for paper storage.... he now had nowhere to scrap ! I reassured him that I would work out a new "space" for him to scrap!
* Finding a use for all those formula tins that pile up to be recycled. I managed to find a use for 40 of them. Great for embossing powders..gel beads.. etc.
* Most of all my Dymo is my best friend... I labelled everything..literally!.

I love my room... I like it to be tidy and clean up after each spurt of scrapping I do... I like to be able to find things when I want them. Having it set up the way I have now.. my older kids can scrap with me without being under my feet. While my youngest is free to roam and play in the scraproom and adjacent rumpus room, giving me time to do what I love. I am lucky that my children share my craft and that I can scrap with them being around no problems... though I know that they have all grwon up with Mum scrapbooking something so they see it as normal... the daily question I get from my son is " Are you going upstairs to scrap today ?"... Mind you the cutest thing any of my kids have done that made me think that maybe I do it too often was when my son was 2 years old and playing with my eldest daughter Barbies. He had two Barbie's in the Barbie car and "dropped" one off at a pot plant.. when I asked why Barbie was there.. I was proudly informed she was going SCRAPBOOKING !!!!...

Okay enough dribble from me... Mind you I must say... you can never do too much scrapbooking in my mind... Enjoy my space.

Cheers M x

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