Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just Because....

Okay.. While sorting through all my DT photos today I came across this latest photo of Kiah. To explain the photo a bit..

We have been madly working on our backyard this last weekend. We finally are getting lawn. Much to the pleasure of Nate who counted the sleeps till it was due to be laid. LOL...though on the day we had originally organised for it to be delivered I had to cancel due to Troy being in hospital for sudden surgery... very long story that I will go into in another post. So.. we organised for it to be re.delivered for this weekend. I tell you that we must be jinxed or not supposed to have lawn 'cause when it was suppose to come they had stuffed up and only had 22 of our much needed 47 metres. GRRRR!!! Well.. we did lay the 22 metres and today the remaining lawn was delivered.. so you can guess what Troy will be doing tonight after work.LOL. It will be nice to see it ALL there. It has been a long hard slog to get the yard done, but I am glad we have taken our time to get it JUST RIGHT !

Okay you say... what has this got to do with the photo... Weeellllll.... as we were working in the yard we were all dressed in our "glad rags" except Kiah who spent the day in her jammies due to the fact I was feeling a little lazy. She ended up having two REALLY long naps ( 4 hrs and we woke her and 2 hrs) during the day too, so changing her seemed pointless. When she finally ventured outside to "help" she ended up wandering around in her jammies. She looked so cute even when she got covered in dust from the mulch we laid... perhaps like a little street urchin that was playing in the gutter....LOL...

Okay better go and finish off my DT posts and get everything ready for the next Fiskars Challenge.

Happy scrapping, M x

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