Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthdays Overload !

Hard to believe that it is October already and that it is almost over too. This month has been such a busy month for us. Full of birthday planning and finally the big days arrived for two of our kids. After all the reminders about how many sleeps it was till their birthdays, shopping for party food and invitations being sent, I think that we were over it But not the kids.

So we started the birthday fun here on the 24th of October with our little boy, Nate.. who is now not so little and growing up before our eyes so quickly it is depressing. After counting down the sleeps he finally woke extra early to remind us all to say "Happy Birthday" to him..After a quickly eaten breakfast parcels were opened. Followed by Troy having to assemble some of the Lego he got for his birthday (his current Then I dragged him to the specialist with me with the promise of having a special lunch after for his birthday. So for fun he chose Subway and I tell you I was glad to finally get there after a week of talking about the meatball, cheese and salad 6" sub he wanted. The rest of the day he spent playing Lego at home.
Friday night we had Jhane's friend sleep over for her party. A BBQ tea was on the menu as both the kids had chosen the same for their special birthday meal...a tradition in our house is that you get to chose what you want to have for tea.. mind you we had to convince Nate to make a different choice at first as his first choice for his birthday dinner was toast... gotta love the simple
So... we finally bundled all the kids off to bed about 8.30pm.. though the girls finally went to sleep about 11pm after we nagged them to be quiet. We were less than impressed with the girls when we were awoken by them chatting and whatnot at 4.30am.. lets just say we had a few words to say to them about it... GIRLS !!!! so after finally dragging them out of bed the morning was busy spent at the specialist and blood collection place for me, while Troy dropped Jhane and Rachel off to the movie's for her birthday. Lunch was the order of the day next and then the girls did some shopping together while we wandered around. The girls were well and truly stuffed so we dropped Rachel home in the early afternoon. The rest of the day was spent buying fruit trees, a chocolate factory surprise visit (Troy surprise to the kids for their birthday), and baking cupcakes for Nate's party the next day.
Sunday started off busy with MORE Lego building, cupcake icing, making fairy bread and getting ready for the party. Must say that it was nice to be able to have a party a home knowing that the kids could play in a yard now that it is finished. So.. Nate had his first party at home with his friends. What a fun day we had.. Apple bobbing, pin the tail, pass the parcel, cricket and heaps of fun in the cubby house. The bad part of the day was poor Nate ended up getting a fat lip and two nice cuts from a fall just 5 minutes before we did his cake. All the photos show his lovely fat lip. Poor Mite! We ere all stuffed after this and spent the rest of the day once everyone had gone resting.
Monday started with our eldest Jhane turning 11. Still hard to believe that she is 11. She has grown up so fast too. Soon we will have to think about high school, boys and what not. She has started recently with the whole make up and change your clothes 6 times a day thing. We gave her a camera for her birthday. She was so excited as she was not expecting it at all. Troy had charged to battery up for her till 1am the night before so she was able to play before she ran out the door. Once she came home from school she opened the rest of her parcels and we prepared everything for the BBQ for tea. We did some yummy chocolate mud muffins with chocolate sauce and ice cream for her dessert. She had a good chuckle at me when I put a candle into hers so we could sing. Just one of the silly things Mum does.. she was probably then spent the rest of the night reading her camera manual, eager to learn how to play with her new toy.
So as you can see it has been a mad birthday season here in our household. Nice that it is all over.. not too sure if it is nice that my kids are growing up so quick. All we hope for our children is that they are happy and know they are loved dearly by us. So once again Jhane and Nate.. Happy Birthday to you both from Dad and I, We love you.

Cheers M x

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