Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holiday scrapbooking tools and supplies



I am in the middle of packing my scrap booking supplies for camping.

My husband has been rolling his eyes and making comments about having to take an extra trailer!

I just wanted to be able to do some created so have decided that cards would be the best option.

I found some cute little card packs to play around with that were crying out to be hand cut.

I am also trying to be good and limiting what I take.. mainly to keep hubby

Here's what I have managed to sort out I think I will need to get 24 cards made.

I want to be able to have the cards completed and not need to add anything to them when I get back. I plan to keep the cards since and perhaps not have set themes to them at all.. more the multi purpose card for the stash.

Would love to know what you would pack if you were going away for two weeks.

Will show you the cards when I come back that I get completed.

Cheers M x

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