Friday, September 17, 2010

Show Winner's

Okay.. can finally share with you which of my Royal Adelaide entries were winners this year...

Class 1212 - Journalling only
Came 3rd with this Layout

Journalling reads -
Some people ask me what I do for a job. When I tell them I am a stay at home mum their comments make me giggle.
“Wow, you’re so lucky, you get to stay in your pyjamas all day” (not by choice.. trust me!) .. “ So what DO you do ALL day with your free time?” (Free time??? what’s that)…
Trust me when I say, I DO NOT spend my days at the coffee shop over lattes, get my nails done, or go window shopping.
My social time is spent taking kids to school, playgroup, occasional care, shopping trips for food with two kids under 5, and craft time at the library.
My daily conversations involve who’s pooped, nursery rhymes, why I can’t make ABC put the shows they want on, homework, and what happened at school for the day.
My workout time for that day involved a 4km round trip to school with a double pram, weight lifting loads of washing to and from the line, and carrying an 18mth old up and down the stairs for the hundredth time.
My “Me” time involves being able to take a shower to shave my legs alone, putting the hair dye into my hair that has been sitting on the bathroom window sill for the last few months, and reading before passing out in bed.
I wouldn’t trade it for the world however crazy my four children make me some days. I would just like some people to realise that my family IS my JOB and that I don’t get paid to do it. It is a labour or love. I love being there for my family when they need me. It can be tough financially though we all make scarifies to be happy

Class 1207 - Children
Came 2nd with this Layout

Class 1209 - Wedding / Special Occasion
Came 1st with this Layout
This was the layout also won Best in Show.

TFL, M x

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