Friday, September 17, 2010

Look what the Postman brought me...

WOW!!!!! Woundered what was going on when the courier arrived at 6.30pm at night. We never have parecels delivered that late. We were in the middle of eating dinner and Jhane, my eldest opened the door for the courier.
This is what he delievered to me from Fiskars...

How amazing are these. Because of being a Fiskateer I was lucky enough to get these to play with. They are soooooo nice to squeeze too! They have been awarded the Ease of Use award by the Arthritis association and you can definately tell why. If I am not careful I think my Mum and Dad might steal them from me. They were quite impressed to try them when I showed them the next day.
I have some gardening to tackle on sunday and cannot wait to give them a try.
Will show you some more pictures of them in action next week.
TFL, M x

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