Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Birthday Fun!!

Well.. have managed to get some of the photos from Jhane's birthday all sorted.

Must say however that is was a little hard to get good photos inside the room on the night. The reason for this was because we had sound sensitive lights, a smoke machine AND the room was only lit by jack o lanterns and black lights. So needless to say it was very dark and what not in there.

The kids loved it.. I thought the lights were really amazing. The whole effect was great and I am very happy with the way it all turned out.

Jhane had a great time dancing, eating, gossiping and generally having a blast.

BUT... I must say.. YES there is a "BUT"... but a good one.... We had 20 kids here for the party and for 4 and a half hours we had no issues, fights, tears or anything. Everyone just had a good time. which was sooooo nice.

Mind you must admit the next day I was a little tired.. after spending the week before sorting out party stuff, making food, and decorating till after 1 am for the few nights before the party. And that doesn't include the mad dash to the shops on the morning of the party to purchase a new mini Hifi due to the one we had not working!!! Mind you I do LOVE my new Hifi.. hehehehehe... and the last minute downloading of extra music.

All in all was a great party.. the garage still smells of smoke machine, lollies, and sweetness from the night. Which I don't mind at all. And who would have thought they would have liked my punch so much (had to make an extra 8 litres!). Along with polishing off all the pudding cups and jelly shots! Luckily I saved some for us...lol.

Once again.. thank you to everyone who helped make Jhane's party the best one she has ever had. She loved being able to share it with you all.

TFL, M x

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