Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Party Party Party....

The second to last weekend certainly was full on with birthdays here with two of my children having birthdays a few days apart.

this year however we decided to go with a small get together (my parents, my in laws, and us) for Nate's birthday. We also celebrated Jhane's birthday with them also on the same day as her party was for her friends.

So my little man in my life, Nate, turned 7!

Kind of hard to believe that he is already 7 !!! where did it all go???

And with true birthday tradition the day wouldn't be complete without Nate hurting himself in some shape or form. I swear this boy is a klutz or something !!! It seems that for the past four years every birthday Nate gets hurt.. most times it is just before we are about to do the cake and have to take photos. Luckily this time is wasn't too bad and was after photos. We iced it up straight away.. but we were worried at first that he had opened his chin up again where he had to have stitches a few months ago. Luckily not it was just a bad egg and graze.

And guess what he got from us for his birthday ....

MORE LEGO !!!! This boy has so much of it we have had to buy a new shelving system to house it all...lol... I had to help him put this baby together too... The camper and 4WD go inside it and the front and back of the ferry open up in a really cool way. Plus he got more Lego and Lego from my parents, and enough money to buy everything he needed to build a huge house on a 18 x 18 size mat from Nana and Grandad and Nana and Pops.

Happy Birthday to my little man.. love you to bits my little show pony! Keep Smiling!

M x

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