Saturday, December 10, 2011

Getting your glue on !

I love watermarking on card stock to create my very own background. I also love embossing on my card stock too.

The problem I have found though with watermarking on some card stocks is that it can be very hard to see.

Also the issues I have with embossing is that it ONLY embosses the area that has been inked.

Now that may not seem like much of a problem.. but on some of the darker card stock colours it can be very hard to see the fine detail in some stamped images.

Well... thanks to Helmar Acid Free Glue and a fine paint brush I have managed to solve this problem and create my own unique background.

I start by water marking the image onto my card stock base. Then I use my paint brush to "paint" my Helmar Acid Free Glue all over the stamped image (making sure to only paint the image stamped) I must say it was rather therapeutic!

Once the glue was dry I then highlighted the card stock base by rubbing the card stock with ink.

The glue areas resist water based inks and therefore have a glossy raised look almost like the embossed card stock you can buy.

Here's my finished layout with the glue "embossed" background

Close up of the glue "embossing"

I love this technique and thanks to Helmar Acid Free Glue it is such and easy thing to do.

Why not give it a try. Such a great technique to use when you have run out of embossing powder or for when you want that store bought embossed paper look.

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