Wednesday, December 7, 2011

TSO December Technique Challenge

This month I am lucky to be able to choose the Technique Challenge for The Scrappers Outlet.

Here's what I have chosen for the technique - Herringbone Technique
(might I say it was so much fun creating a sample card that I have also created a whole layout using this technique! Very fiddly but well worth it I think!)

Here's how you do it...

Step 1
Trim a piece of card stock to the desired size of your background. Run through Xyron® with a permanent adhesive cartridge.

If you don't have a Xyron, cover the card stock with any strong double-sided adhesive or glue.

Step 2
Cut three or more different patterned paper pieces into thin strips of equal widths - the pattern looks best with widths between 1/8" and 3/8".

Step 3
Pick one of the darker paper strips and adhere it to the cardstock base diagonally. It will divide the cardstock piece into two triangular sections

Step 4
Adhere another strip from the same patterned paper across one of the two sections, forming a T
Take a third strip from that paper and adhere it diagonally across the other section. You now have four triangular spaces on the card base.

Step 5
Roughly trim the paper strips. It will make the next steps a bit easier.

Step 6
Pick one section of the cardstock and start filling it in.
Take a different patterned paper strip and adhere it next to one of the main strips.
Take another strip from the same pattern and adhere to the opposite side of the triangle.
Step 7
Repeat Step 6 with strips of a different paper pattern.
Continue to add paper strip pairs until the first section is filled.

Step 8
Flip cardstock and trim paper strips. Don't trim all the way to the cardstock just yet.

Step 9
Fill in the second triangle with paper strips.
Fill in the the third section.
Trim the strips between each section. You can use the longer leftovers to fill in the next triangle.

Step 10
Fill in the last section.

Step 11
Burnish the background before cutting it to the size of your cardstock. This will prevent smaller strips from falling off.

Step 12
Use the finished background on project.

Here's the card  I created using this technique.. such a great way to use up your scraps too!

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TFL, M x

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