Friday, January 2, 2009

2009... here we come...

Wow... hard to believe that a new year has started.
Where did last year go?
Can't we just put time on hold for a bit and rewind?

This year is going to be a big year for us for sure. Both exciting and scaring all round. Some of the exciting things that we have to look forward to this year are:

* The arrival of our new bubs... sleepless nights and night time feeds here we come. Lets hope that were blessed again this time and have a very good baby... will have to wait and see.

* Nate starting school... yes... our little boy is growing up soooo fast and I know that I will miss having him home. Though he is definately over being ready for school and would love to have started yesterday!

* Jhane starts year 6. Still hard to believe that she will soon been going to high school. Definately a scary concept for us all to imagine.

* Kiah will start going to playgroup. I think she will go nuts starying at home all day without the company of Nate so I have decided to get her to socialise with other kids. She makes friends easily already and is a very personable kids so she will have a ball. Plus the fact it might take her a bit to adjust to not being "it and a bit" of the family anymore with the new arrival.

* Finally being able to enjoy our house and yard with the back yard finished. No more excuses not to socialise or go away for short holidays. Any free time we have now doesnt need to be spent of completely things around the yard. Certainly a milestone for us and one we didn't think would happen for a few more years yet. But after much saving and sacrificing it has happened.

* Hopefully a few more short holidays. We are in much need of family holiday time and looking into taking short trips withing our state to keep us all happy. The kids love to camp so why not take the opportunity when we can.

So.. I hope that everyone had a great Xmas and New Year period. We had a very quiet one here due to my current state. Much enjoyed though and nice to spend Xmas at home for a change. The kids were able to open and play with all their gifts without having to rush off anywhere. Santa certainly spoilt them all very much. Kiah finally worked out this year what Xmas was about. Mind you she still loved playing with the boxes more than the was so excited that we thought he would pop. He loved leaving the reindeer food out on the lawn and racing down to see if Santa had been to leave parcels in the morning.

This year we started a new tradition with Jhane. It was her first year at being able to buy gifts for other famliy members. I gave her some money and told her she was to spend a set amount on each person. She did so well and loved being able to do it. She certainly showed that she knows her family very well with the gifts that she had bought.

*For her coffee loving Dad she bought a coffee mug / chocolate set and a block of dark chocolate (his favourite)
*For me she bought a block of Belgian chocolate and a very large box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate (what all Mum's dream of)
* For Nate she bought Lego (his current addiction), and a lollie stocking
* For Kiah she got an angel tooth fairy teddy and Xmas teddy and a teddy bear ornament
* For Toffee the cat she bought a cat toy stocking pack

She also bought a beautiful hand painted ornament for Opa and Oma too with her own money to thank hem for having her and Nate over the holidays so far. Such a sweetie.

Well had better get back to it. Hoping to possibly get some scrapping done... though a little reluctant to start something that I may not be able to finish... Plus feeling a little sore and tired at the moment....mmmm... maybe time to pull out a book to read to fill in the time.

Till later, M x

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Kirsty said...

Jhane did SO well! She really put so much thought into all of her gifts:-)