Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Fiskars Love for Sure !

WOW !! Just thought I would share with everyone the lovely arrangement that arrived on my doorstep the other day from everyone at Fiskars for the arrival of our newest bundle. Now this certainly made our day for sure.

Would like to send huge thanks to Fiskars, our Lead Ambassadors and the amazing Ambassador/Demonstrators across Australia that have sent their well wishes and congratulations. Everyone at Fiskars certainly makes you feel like part of the family and are just so supportive. I am very lucky to be part of such an amazing team.

Here's is the surprise we received:

and "Yes" I kept the white lace look plastic and the pink tissue from the flowers to add to a layout I am planning do do of our new arrival. I just couldn't resist keeping it to scrapbook. It was just so nice. Plus have plans to scrapbook a layout about the flowers too. A pleasant memory we all here want to remember. May seem a little strange but the flowers arrived on a day of mayhem in our house.
Let me explain...
I had been out of hospital from having bubs for only a day and a bit. My five year old son Nate, was in silly mode and due to go and have a nap. I was sitting with my husband feeding the baby and watching Nate and Kiah (my 22 month old) play when Nate decided to get sillier and run around in the lounge. I warned him to stop as someone was going to get hurt and sure enough to cut a long story short... we ended up in the emergency department of Noarlunga hospital waiting to get his head looked at. He had had a collision with the coffee table.. and not the one in the middle of the room.. but one that is nicely tucked away when they aren't normally able to get to... so after discussions in the car on the way to the hospital of whether he had hit all the way to his brains, tears that he didn't want to stay in hospital and surely a bandaid would fix it, special glue to avoid having stitches to a 1cm cut above his eyebrow, and an icepole.. which I ended up eating 'cause he really didn't want it, we finally arrived home to finally be able to relax. So when the flowers arrived it was a really nice "cheer me up" surprise for sure.

Once again... a huge thanks to everyone at Fiskars for everything them have done for us. It really has made us feel like we are part of the family. A true blessing to be part of such an amazing team.

Cheers M x

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