Saturday, January 3, 2009

Still Waiting for our New Arrival

Just thought I would fill everyone one in as to where we are at wih the arrival of Bubs no. 4... as per usual this baby has decided that it is too comfortable where it is and that it isn't coming out. Our Due date has come and gone on the 30th of December and I haven't even had an niggle! So in true Wallace fashion this baby has decided that it wants to be fashionably late.

Had a check up last week on the 29th of December and discussed with the specialist what would be happening. I had already decided that I didn't want to go over too much. Especially considering Kiah was overdue and arrived at 41 and a bit weeks and weighed a whopping 9'12oz ! So I doubt that this one will be tiny! With much reluctance from the specialist she has aggreed that if nothing happens by the 5th of Janaury that I will be going in that morning at 8.30am to be induce.... Much to the relief of my back and constant swollen feet that I can no longer feel!

Thanks to those who have sent message through telling me to take it easy and rest. Ha Ha Ha... Most would know that they would have to tie my down to get me to do nothing. Also to those who have rung or emailed to find out if bubs was here yet. Will keep everyone posted as to what happens when it happens. As yet we are STILL waiting.

Okay off to catch up on some other computer work and then possibly to scrap.

Cheers M x


Lyn Dwyter said...

Hi Michelle,

just popped in to see how you were going.......looks like this bub has a mind of it's own.........LOL!

Will be checking back in in the next couple of days......make sure you can Blog in hospital will you......ROTFL!.......the waiting is killing me......LOL!

Lyn Dwyer

Kerryn said...

Not long now Michelle! All the best for tomorrow if bubs hasn't shown up before :).

Janet said...

Hope all is well with you all and #4 has now entered the world! considering the 5th was 2 days ago!

Janet, Mick & Adison Bott (Michelmore)