Friday, May 29, 2009

Fiskars BOM Challenge - Favourite Smells/Sounds

Another easy layout for my Book of Me album...

This was a very easy topic to record for me... I love nothing more than the smell or perfumed rose or flowers in my garden.

I have jasmine growing just outside my bedroom window.. despite the fact the my darling husband has slight allergies to it I love it when it wafts in at night time.

I also have plenty of roses growing in my garden too. My husband hates them due to all the thorns.. though I am the Green thumb here so he never has to have much to do with trimming them at all. I love my hybrid tea roses and also my rich blood red roses. I also have the most gorgeous peach rose in my front yard too. I think the thing that fascinates me the most is the way in which they grow with very little care at all. They seem to thrive in my garden with a few trims a year, very little water and plenty of sun.

Here's my layout:

Products used:
Cloud 9 - Finley's Estate paper range
Kimberley Poloson - clear stamps

Cheers, M x

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