Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's a wrap ! Fiskars Spring Fling Crop Day

Sorry for the delay in getting the details of how the crop went out to everyone. Since just before the crop I have been sick with the flu and am finally starting to feel a bit better. Plus the fact we have had two computer's die in the the last week... mine included which had everything scrapbooking related on it !!! GRRRR...

Okay enough of that and onto the wrap up of the fun filled day that was had by all...

The bookings as usual filled fast. We were lucky enough to see a few new faces this time round. We were all nice and toasty warm in the crop room. We started with the OTP item and played around with some older paper ranges for this one. It was nice to mix it up with some of the new products that are on the market. This is what we made..

I certainly challenged everyone when we played with my favourite clear stamps and some water colour pencils on the pages of this ribbon album.

We stopped for cupcakes and cookies at morning tea though not for long as everyone was eager to get back to finishing the album. I had to drag them away from it at lunch time... it was so funny... had to keep reminding them that the lunch was waiting for them.

So finally everyone ate a hearty hot lunch of homemade Spaghetti Bolognese, Honey Mustard Chicken, Tuna Morney, Pasta and Rice. During lunch we chatted about some of the Fiskars products that are on the market at the moment.. along with having a look at a few newer items such as the Stamp Factory (I was very lucky Mum who got one for Mother's Day !) and some of the Kimerberly Poloson Flourish stamps ---YUM !!! Just can't get enough of them.

After I had cleared away lunch we were right back into it. I certainly kept them busy making 6 very different cards.

By the end of the day everyone left with huge shopping lists full of Fiskars products, ideas of things to make with clears stamps and a teaser of what we will be up to next crop... Already the bookings are coming in thick and fast and I haven't even set out the official

So.. I was feeling very exhausted but extremely happy with once again how successful the day was for us here with the Adelaide crop. Once again thanks to everyone that makes these days possible... My family who I kick out of the crop room (garage) for the day, Fiskars and their support, and especially to Lyn Dwyer, Nic Naes and Trea.. without these amazing people I don't know what we would do..

Stay tuned for the next crop details coming up in the next or two...

Let hope things don't go crazy with the computer again and that my new computer finally arrives next week so that I am able to hopefully recover some of the photos from our amazing day.

Cheers and happy scrapping, M x

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Shimano (aka Christine) said...

They look so fabulous, glad you had a great day.